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In many parts of the world, spring is finally here! Japanese cherry blossoms are in full bloom, people all over the world are thawing out and getting ready for their summer travels. It is an exciting time for the Escape Artist team as we are preparing our summer conference! Until then, we will continue to keep you on top of all things international living, working, and beyond!

This week, I have found some very interesting news from around the world. Where are expats sending their children for school? How do I pick where to start my expat journey? Is Bigfoot real? Find out all of this and more!

Our asset protection series continues this week, with part-five of Mikkel Thorup’s thorough analysis on asset protection strategies! If you are eager to hear about asset protection, check out the details for our Escape Artist Conference! There, we will have a whole day dedicated to this topic!

As always, we want to remind you that Escape Artist is the number-one destination for all of your expat questions. Feel free to explore our website and drop in to ask a question. We love when you ask questions!  


Asset Protection Featured Article:

This week, we are featuring part-five of Mikkel Thorup’s asset protection series. For more information on asset protection, find details about our upcoming conference below!

Offshore Companies: A Guide to Asset Protection Strategies – Part 5

The Income Tax has created more criminals than any other single act of the government.

~ Barry Goldwater.

There is nothing more detrimental to the prosperity of a society than a tax system that punishes people for being successful. High taxes on wealth are particularly damaging. They can have a negative effect on the economy as people with wealth would prefer to move it abroad to a country that doesn’t have such stringent tax policies.  

Therefore, people are moving their wealth abroad through offshore companies. There is nothing illegal about building an offshore company to structure your wealth for maximum protection. Some might question the ethics involved in the matter, but no one can challenge the logic behind availing this option when it’s available.

Protecting Your Assets is a Logical Choice

Everyone who has wealth and a good head on their shoulders wants to protect that wealth from undue government taxes. Whether you are a salaried individual, self-employed business owner, investor, or inherited your fortunes from a relative, you want to make sure that you… Read more…


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News from Around the World:

Here are some of my favorite stories I found this week:

Zero Emission by 2050

Since it is spring, a time where we remember what natural beauty exists in the world, I feel like this first story is very appropriate. Taking care of the planet is the only way we will be able to enjoy the natural splendor for years to come.

UK officials are taking this idea seriously and aim to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by the year 2050. This is a proposal made by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

The goal “net zero” means that emissions that are being produced are equal to the amount that is taken from the atmosphere. The CCC says that this goal is necessary, feasible, and cost-effective. It involves phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles, planting trees, and lowering other consumption that produces greenhouse gases.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Are you craving the expat lifestyle but can’t find the right job to make it come true? Some experts are saying the best way to find offshore work is by looking at surveys. Expat surveys offer insight into what job sectors are most popular offshore, which destinations are looking for expat employees, and more!

Many expat surveys have found that jobs surrounding skills such as tech, medicine, and engineering are in high demand all over the world.

Beyond finding the right job, surveys can offer advice on whether a destination is right for you in terms of salary, work-life balance, and job salary. Germany ranks high in all of these. Bahrain ranks near the top of surveys with high salaries, job perks, and options in financial services, healthcare, and education.

Are you curious if the expat life is right for you? Take our quiz today!

I Like My Schools Like I Like My Produce…Local!

An important factor to consider when moving abroad with your family is where your children will be going to school. Many parents choose international schools in which expat children can learn alongside other children like them. That is not the case in many countries. Take China, for example.

Expat parents in China are increasingly choosing to send their children to public schools instead of international schools. Why are they choosing a local education as opposed to the international schooling, as was the previous trend?

A combination of high international school fees and a growing demand for Mandarin Chinese speakers is pushing this change. A public education in China can lead to a successful career as a translator or other important position in a Chinese corporation.

One expat student in China, 13-year-old Trey, shared his experiences of being an American student in a Chinese classroom. He attends a high school and is one of two foreign students in his class of 39. His parents say that they are pleased with the local school system, using high scores in math as an example. Trey is fluent in Chinese and has gained discipline.  

A Yeti Walks into a Base Camp…

Last month, the Indian army claims they found what they believe are yeti footprints in the Himalayas! The prints, measuring at 32-by-15 inches were spotted close to the Mount Makalu base camp on April 9.

On Tuesday of this week, the defense ministry’s spokesperson said that photographs were passed onto the scientific community for verification.

This discovery came with mixed results online. One critique is that the prints appear in a straight line, like a model walking down a runway.

What are your thoughts on this potential yeti spotting?


Whether you are planning on living, working, retiring, or investing overseas, Escape Artist can help you every step of the way. Don’t forget to check out the eBook store for the 2018 Expat Tax Guide and our wonderful country guides!  

For more information on what’s going on in the international scene, check out some of this week’s newest articles!

New From Escape Artist:

Mikkel Thorup: Interview With Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of over 9 figures. Why should you care? Because he’s also a New York Times Bestselling author, the #1 Sales Trainer in the World, and an internationally-renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance. Along with Cardone Capital, he has founded and operates privately-held businesses that have sales of $100 million a year, real estate holdings of $1.2 billion, and he was voted one of the top 5 CEOs in the world.

His goal is to help people adopt what he refers to as the “millionaire mindset,” a proactive approach to wealth generation that…

Read more…

Financial Libertarianism: What Does it Entail?

Of all the freedoms that humans are guaranteed by virtue of birth, financial and economic liberty is perhaps the most important. In a time where individually agency is tied directly to the income one generates; it really is true that money can buy you happiness. For the better part of the last century, entire movements have tied freedom to economic emancipation because of the range of choices it opens up to people and societies.

This train of thought can be traced back to the very roots of the philosophical freedom envisioned by thinkers like John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Adam Smith. These three individuals, out of the many others who’ve set the grounds for liberal and libertarian thought, gave the utmost regard to the economic agency.

Financial freedom is the cornerstone of…

Read more…

Always Have a Plan B: You’re Never Safe from State-Sanctioned Encroachment

Maintaining your libertarian ties is no easy task. There is no bigger example of a misappropriation of libertarian values than the existing political creed persistent in the United States. Founded on principles that set out the freedom of the individual and the right to own private property as the highest values, the existing legal systems and economic framework fail to highlight that.  

Of course, it was inevitable that the burden to preserve agency was to divert back to the individual, stemming from the inevitability of the institutionalization of libertarian norms. In the process of expediting the processes of the state, the concretization of moral imperatives into legal sanction was bound to become stifling at some point. It’s fairly clear that as the country moves towards an increasingly socialist system, the burdens on select fragments of successful sub-groups in society will increase.

Take a look at the historical tax rates in the U.S. and notice how they have…

Read more…

The Steps to Becoming a Perpetual Traveller: A Guide to Flag Theory

When you’re born in a certain country, at the age of 18, you become subject to certain laws and regulations that weren’t applicable before. These include the freedom to vote, the freedom to pursue whatever economic activities that you wish, amongst numerous other liberties. You can enjoy “certain inalienable rights, among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as the constitution of the United States very eloquently states.

At this moment, you should take a step back and wonder if you are truly free, though. You were born in a country that you didn’t consciously choose to live in, there are all sorts of laws and regulations imposed on you, and your “Liberty” is subjected to these laws. This was a paradox that I came to quite a while ago which really made me wonder whether I agree with this definition of Liberty.

Nowhere is this paradox more apparent than the financial regulations that governments impose on individuals. One would imagine that…

Read more…

This article was published in the Escape Artist Weekly Newsletter on May 03, 2019. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please click here. 

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