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Ever Wonder What You Should Do With Your Car When You Travel

Planning a trip is as exhausting as it because there are so many things you need to consider. Such as where to leave your pets, having the security at your home up to date, having someone cover for you at work and a lot more and what you should do with your car when you travel.

There aren’t a lot of people who have personal garages, and even if you do you may not be fully sure about leaving your car in the garage for an extensive period of time. There may be other reasons as to why leaving your car behind could be a potential issue for you. If you are one of those people, there are options for you. Working with a company like Parkos you have many options on what you should do with your vehicle when you are traveling. There is one thing you need to be sure of here which is how long are you planning to be away for. 


  • Short Term Options

If your trip is only going to be a couple of weeks long, then there are lots of options for you to consider. You could either ask someone if they can volunteer to keep your car while you are away, or if that is not an option, you could even drive yourself to the airport. There are many off-airport parking lots that are very affordable, and they also provide the necessary level of security to ensure that your car stays safe while you are away. If you want to see how much that will cost you, look at airport parking with parkos and you will find many relatively inexpensive options for you.

Moreover, there are some hotels that have deals that include airport parking. If that is a reasonable option, you can even get to stay a night at a nice hotel that will be near to the airport. You will also be provided airport transfer that will drop you right at the terminal with your luggage.


  • Short to Medium Term Options

If your trip is going to be about a month-long, you can still look into the airport parking options. The off-airport parking lots usually have great deals for such situations. In fact, they may be cheaper than leaving your car for a couple of days. If the trip is going to be at least a month-long, then you should definitely reconsider leaving your car at someone else’s place because it could get towed. And the paperwork to claim your car back is not worth the hassle, trust us when we say this. 


  • Long Term Options

If you are going to be gone for several months, then you will need a more concrete solution. Don’t worry, there are still many options that you could choose from depending on what kind of a situation you are in. 

Firstly, you could sell your car. Selling your car is not as devastating as it sounds. If you will be gone for almost a year, your car will be sitting idle, and it will only decline in value. You can use the money to get a different car when you come back. Selling it is going to cost you much less than if you opt for the long term options. This is because you won’t be losing money in depreciation and also reclaim the insurance. However, if you lease your car than it is definitely not worth selling it because you will be essentially owing more than you will get. 

Secondly, there are some farm storage options that you could go for. There are a lot of farm storage areas that are super cheap. However, the problem with this option is that farms are usually very far away from airports. Moreover, these storage places are likely to have a rodent problem that could eat away the wires of your car. With that being said, it is literally the cheapest option if you have any family or friends who own a farm. 

If you don’t want to risk your car being damaged by rodents, then you could look into interior storage options. While these places will be perfectly safe for your car, they will also come at a huge price. It is up to you to decide which one is the most feasible for you in every aspect, but especially financial.



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