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How to Buy U.S. Products When You are Abroad

Buying U.S. products while in the states is awesome. Buying them while abroad can be awful. First you must deal with retailers that don’t ship to your home country. Some won’t accept your credit cards for various reasons. Others won’t even allow you to use their applications. What do you do?

Search Retailers that Ship to your Country

Amazon and eBay top the list of the most popular U.S. retailers that ship worldwide. The former even has online shops situated in the UK, India and other countries to maximize their shipping destinations.

Before you consider any other alternative, visit your favorite U.S. retailers and check whether they ship to your country. Pay attention to the specific items you want to buy as some retailers don’t ship all items to every country. If the retailer ships to your country, it’s easy to make an order and have the products delivered to you.

Most U.S. retailers ships clothes and electronics globally but have reservations shipping bulky products such as generators. Perishable products like groceries are rarely shipped outside the U.S. also. To increase the odds of finding a retailer that ships to your country, don’t purchase perishables or bulky goods.

Have a U.S.-Based Friend Shop for You

If you have issues with your credit card, you can have a friend residing in the U.S. do the shopping for you. You can then arrange on how the items should be delivered and how to refund your friend.

The advantage of asking for help from a friend in the U.S. is that they can buy any item inside the state as long as it’s legal. They can get the bulky generator retailers are unwilling to ship outside the country. You can have them purchase jewelry rarely available online or anything else you desire.

Shipping the product to your home country may seem like a big deal but it’s not. There are companies that ship goods from the U.S. to 190+ countries. Some of them cooperate with third-party shippers to ensure the goods are delivered to you safely. If you don’t know anyone residing in the US, here is another alternative.

Use Traveler-Matching Services

Thanks to the creativity of shipping companies, you don’t need to know anyone in the U.S. to buy products from the States. Companies like Shypmate pays travelers to deliver lightweight items to shoppers from all around the world.

Shypmate works in an easy way. Create an account on their platform. Provide your name and contact details. Join a trusted U.S. retailer like Amazon.com. Find reviews about popular products on bestreviews.guide before you make any purchases. The website lists top-rated products so that you only purchase tested and proven items.

When asked to provide your shipping address, you will list an address provided by the app. Once that’s done, the shipping company will find people traveling to your home country willing to make the delivery.

Don’t worry about security as the travelers’ details are taken. They also have to sign contracts to guarantee they will deliver the items physically to you. Of course, you pay for the costs of delivery. But with services like Grabr.io, you set the reward to offer travelers. If you don’t receive your orders for some reason, the companies refund you for the full amount.

Create a U.S. Shipping Address

Having a stranger deliver items to you isn’t the ideal option for most people. The traveler must be coming to your city for the process to be convenient. If not, you must arrange for further deliveries. With a U.S.-based address, global shippers deliver the items wherever you are located.

Like a traveler-matching companies, you begin by creating an account on a shipping company’s website. In essence, you get a U.S. address. When you buy US-based goods online, they are delivered to that particular address.

The global shipping company then charges you to deliver the item to your home country. Like Amazon, you get multiple delivery options. You want the products delivered immediately? Pay more for airline shipping.

To make it clear, the websites are service providers and works on behalf of global shipping providers. That way, you can select the company to work with and the charges. You are notified when the items arrive in your country for you to pay customs fees. The goods are then delivered to your home address within the expected time frame.

Access U.S. Retailers Using Proxies if Geo-Restricted

If you are abroad for a holiday vacation, you can make an order and have the items delivered before you get back home. Depending on the retailer used, the process is as easy as checking out with your U.S. credit card. Some retailers geo-restrict their online shops such that you can’t shop successfully when abroad.

Use a virtual private network to beat geo-restricting. VPNs and proxies enable you to shop as if you are in the U.S. by hiding your current location. They connect you with US-based servers such that the retailers can’t differentiate you with shoppers actually located in the US. You can then fill the order and complete your payments conveniently.

VPNs are generally premium services but you can find a free service that beast popular geo-targeted content. Using a VPN also helps you access the prices set for fellow Americans. While in Europe or elsewhere, retailers change their prices to reflect local currencies. In most cases, foreign shoppers are targeted with higher prices to cover shipping expenses.

Purchase from Local Suppliers

Depending on where you live, made in America products are adored for their quality and durability. So, instead of hassle your way looking for U.S. retailers shipping to your country, shop for U.S. products locally.

Your favorite local retailer probably sells clothes and shoes made in the US. Use the right keywords to look for what you wish to buy. If you can’t find the items online, ask the shop owners. U.S. brand name products like shoes and bags are sold worldwide. Again, it’s easier to buy the same products locally than from the US.


There is no reason you shouldn’t buy your favorite brand products simply because they only sell to U.S. shoppers. Use a VPN or any of the services outlined above and you can purchase any items conveniently.

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