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Looking for a vault to store your precious metals, family heirlooms and important possessions offshore? 

Fort Kobbe offers top of the line security to customers just like you in their private vault and safety deposit boxes all located in Panama’s Free Trade Zone.

A short 3 hours flight from major US cities you can now move your wealth to a stable country without having to worry about excessive regulations or governments peering into your private affairs.

Why Choose Panama?

  • Panama has rigorous privacy laws
  • Stable and well-developed banking system 
  • Safe and secure economy
  • Protected Duty-Free Zone
  • Territorial tax system
  • Perfect Plan-B country to acquire a quick second residency visa
  • Central location – Panama has been known as the hub of the Americas for hundreds of years
  • First-world infrastructure
  • Easy access to the Panama Canal
  • Hundreds of high-end hotels to choose from
  • Beautiful beaches and mountains
  • World-class restaurants and nightlife

Fort Kobbe is committed to securing investor’s wellbeing with the world’s largest range of unique, high-end, alternative wealth preservation services. They offer a wide variety of gold and silver bars and coins available pre-minted including numismatic coins. 

Their mission statement says it all:

“To provide a stable and expanding platform of physical and electronic security, technology, human structures and an ideal location that creates trust and resourceful solutions for our exacting wealth management clients.”

And when they say concierge service, they are serious… whether you’re a hardworking professional, jet-setting millionaire, small business owner or billion-dollar institution, you’ll receive the same high-end VIP service.


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