How to Spend Your Holiday as an Expat

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After an amazing weekend meeting our readers at the 2018 Escape Artist Conference, the Escape Artist team is kicking back into gear and are here to deliver the most up-to-date expat news!

This week, we are setting our sights on the holiday season! With Hannukah in full swing, and Christmas just around the corner, people all around the world are preparing to celebrate. Let’s take a dive into how these global citizens are celebrating this year’s holidays. We’ve included tips on where and how to spend your holiday offshore!

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Don’t Miss Out on Holiday Cheer

We know many of our readers are enjoying the enticing life of an expat. During most of the year, it may be exciting to explore what a life abroad has to offer, but with the coming of the winter holidays, it may start to feel a little lonely for our friends away from home.

With a bit of research and some of our own experiences, we have some tips for you to enjoy the holidays away from home this year.

1. Find Fellow Expats

You aren’t truly alone this year. Seek out other expats who are experiencing this winter in a different place. Make this season a reason to reach out and meet new people. You may get to know people who are new to being away for the holidays. With these people, you can share traditions or create new ones!

You can reach out by finding expat groups online.

2. Create a Part of Home

One of the easiest ways to feel at home for the holidays is by making a small piece of your new home seem like your old one. Decorate the way you usually do, teach your new friends some of your favorite holiday activities, or cook your favorite traditional meals.

3. Explore Your New Home’s Culture

One of the best parts of being an expat is the experience of a new culture. Every country has their different spin on how they celebrate. Learn those great traditions. While it may not be the same holiday you are used to, it’s always fun to learn something new – and you can share these experiences with those back home! I’m sure they’re eager to hear about your adventures.

4. Try Something New

Now is your time to mix things up a bit! Whether you are experiencing a new climate this Christmas or trying a new food, be open to change. If you hold on to the fact that things aren’t the same as back home, you’ll never get to appreciate the experiences you are having this winter.


“I Won’t Be Home for the Holidays”

Maybe you are in the opposite boat as the readers who are trying to find a piece of home while living abroad. Some are seeking new experiences this winter. Here are the best places to spend your holiday abroad.


Have you ever wanted to skip the snow and have a holiday under the sun? Australia is the place for you! Many families spend Christmas camping, since their kids are on summer break. You will still get the Christmas trees and the colorful lights with the added benefit of the sun.


While the Thai don’t usually celebrate Christmas, Thailand is a great destination for this year’s holiday. Expats are still in the festive spirit, with trees and Santa hats all around. After Christmas wraps up, New Year festivities are soon to follow. New Year is a spiritual time in Thailand with celebrations throughout the country.


The only thing better than Christmas lights in the winter is the Northern Lights found in Iceland during the month of December.


You won’t find a more festive country than Germany. Christmas doesn’t just last one day, but the whole month! Most towns are decorated and have multiple markets.


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