Global Winter Wonderland!

Goodbye Smog!

Which country is working hard to keep the world a wonderland?

A large shipment of cargo docked in the Chilean port of San Antonio in November carried 100 electric buses from China. This is the first shipment of electric vehicles that the Chilean government is hoping will change its public transportation forever!

Santiago, the capital city of Chile, is facing a well-known smog issue. To combat the issue, the country is looking to expand their use of electric vehicles by ten times by 2022! This means integrating electric scooters, cars and taxis, and lories for the mining industry.

Susana Jimenez, energy minister, stated to Reuters that the government hopes to see electric vehicles account for 40% of private transportation and 100% of public transportation by 2050. Not only would this decrease the amount of smog and greenhouse gas emission, but maintenance costs for an electric bus are nearly 70% less than that of diesel engines.

The first fleet of buses was financed by a subsidiary of the Italian power utility Enel Generacion Chile SA. Another 100 will soon be added by French energy generation firm Engie Energia Chile SA.


Christmas Tuscan Sunset

The holiday event you never knew you wanted.

Are you having trouble picking a destination for your winter getaway?

The Italian region of Tuscany is one of the most attractive destinations for a vacation in the coldest season of the year, according to Pinterest. In fact, there has been a 1,657% increase in searches involving Tuscany.

Why the surge in interest? It’s one of the most desired destinations to spend a holiday. Skip the dreary weather and bask in the sun and enjoy local food and wine! As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence sees visitors every year hoping to see the Duomo and museums like the Uffizi!

Don’t stay home this holiday season! Get out and explore!


There’s No Place Like Home

In last week’s newsletter, we reported that Germany is one of the best places to spend your Christmas. This week, one of our experts has shared with us that many people aren’t just going for the holidays, but have decided to live there full-time!

If you are interested in living in Germany full-time, check out this article by Brooke Cobb where she fills you in on all of the places expats are living in the country.

From Munich to Berlin, we dive into what makes each city a home for expats around the world. For more information about living in Germany, visit our Germany page today!


Aaah, It’s That Time of Year for the Classic Christmas… Pickle?

Strange Christmas traditions around the world.

The holidays are in full swing, and every family celebrates the holidays in their own special way. Many exchange gifts, while some spend the day in their pajamas, keeping warm by the heat of a fireplace.

This year, I wanted to see how people from all around the world celebrate Christmas, and I found some pretty noteworthy traditions. One of my favorites is the Christmas pickle in Germany. On Christmas Eve, parents hide a pickle in the tree, and the first child to find the pickle receives a gift.

I’ve seen Christmas trees decorated with so many different kinds of decorations, but I’ve never seen one decorated with spiders! In the Ukraine, they do just that. Instead of the Christmas lights and ornaments most of us are used to, they decorate their trees with spiders and webs.

Christmas is known for its cheer, but in some places you can even find a little bit of FEAR! The children of Greece fear the Kallikantzaroi, a race of goblins that wreak havoc during the 12 days of Christmas. The Krampus is an evil Christmas devil who is said to harm naughty children.

And I thought Santa coming into my house to eat my cookies was scary enough.


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UK Suspends Tier 1 Visa

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