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Enchanted Tree Houses of Nicaragua

Enchanted Tree Houses of Nicaragua

Deep in the heart of Central America, there is a place where you can indulge your inner child. Many of us remember fondly our childhood dreams of tree houses, the very thought of them raises images of adventure and exploration overseas.

Among many other unique features, Nicaragua has rustic, yet sumptuous tree houses nestled high above the steamy jungle canopies. Stepping out with your coffee, and perhaps a companion, a most beautiful sight will wash over you as the mists drift slowly by across the treetops. And at the end of the day, you can set your wine glass on the balcony as the sun sets, casting a spectacular prism of light through the glass.   

Enchanted Tree Houses of Nicaragua

If you want to be by the sea, you can do that too. Rates start from around $200 a night on a Nicaraguan tree house on the coast. One such locale is the Oceanfront Tree House  in the idyllic Guacalito de la Isla. The view and the experience will make the price seem trivial.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and when you take this adventure, that is what you will do. Nearby attractions include zipline tours and golfing. You can take a boat from Gigante for trips along the coast, or for deep sea fishing for the more adventurous. The Oceanfront Tree House is situated between two breathtaking bodies of water: the ocean on one side, and Lago Cocibolca, a massive and enchanted lake, on the other.

Enchanted Tree Houses of Nicaragua

High in the treetops in these fanciful arbor houses, you will find a place to both forget and remember. As your troubles slip away far from your mind, thoughts of adventure will fill you in this place that hearkens to our childhood dreams. Far from and high above the troubles of the world, you can recapture the adventurous spirit of youth. From these wooden palaces you can live your own adventure, one that can rival those from the pages of your favorite books. An adventure more wild and real than those told by Joseph Conrad or Jules Verne.  

Deep in the Nicaraguan jungle is the magical Poste Rojo Treehouse. Rates here are quite reasonable, going for around $50 a night. The Poste Rojo Treehouse can be reached by bus from Granada. Here you can enjoy yoga on the deck overlooking the enchanted countryside, and movies are played nightly. The Poste Rojo Treehouse was a dream brought to life by owner, Chad Cunningham, who loved building tree houses as a boy. Now you can live this dream by traveling abroad to Nicaragua.

Enchanted Tree Houses of Nicaragua 

The trees sway to the rhythm of the soft tropical breeze, and the haunting calls of exotic birds fill the air and your spirit. By staying here, there is a mystical exchange of sorts. You leave your mark in the history of the trees, becoming a part of their story – a tiny glimmer among their inner rings as they age. In return, you get to recover a part of yourself. A part that was perhaps lost, or covered and overgrown by the heavy seriousness, rigidity, and melancholy that has rapidly overtaken the brightness and mirth of our youth. Years of living in this world can make our bark grow thick and coarse, but when you live out adventures such as these, new sprouts will emerge. Green and fresh, devoid of the hardened gloom of stress through time. You will return home refreshed and restored. Not new, but complete.  No price can be put on such a rejuvenation.

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