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An Ideal Landing Pad in Nicaragua

It has been a hot minute since we have discussed one of our favorite destinations: Nicaragua!

But I’m not just talking about Nicaragua to talk about Nicaragua. Today, I want to share with you some exciting progress that is happening at Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort. If you are looking for an ideal “soft landing” in Nicaragua, Gran Pacifica could be just the place for you.

Read on for more about why you should consider both Nicaragua and Gran Pacifica for your Plan B, some of the exciting progress we are seeing in the Gran Pacifica communities, and how you can pop down for a visit this year!

A Refresher on Nicaragua


An Ideal Landing Pad in Nicaragua

Let’s rewind a few years to the days of Covid. While many countries invoked draconian restrictions, Nicaragua’s approach to the pandemic was one of personal choice and freedom. This put it on the map for many people, particularly North Americans.

But, even now, with the pandemic in the rearview mirror, Nicaragua’s tourism industry is continuing to thrive, seeing an increase of 24% from 2022 to 2023.

While the pandemic may have been what got Nicaragua on people’s radar, the beauty and affordability of the country, among its many other charms, are what keeps them coming.

Dubbed “the land of lakes and volcanoes”, Nicaragua is the perfect destination for adventure lovers. The country features a tropical climate and is known for its beautiful colonial architecture, making its cities as alluring to visitors as its natural landscape.

A mere 3-hour flight away from U.S. hubs like Houston and Miami, Nicaragua is closer than you think!

Gran Pacifica: Your Ideal Landing Pad

An Ideal Landing Pad in Nicaragua

Gran Pacifica is a fantastic place to stay when you make your trip down to Nicaragua. Located just 1.5 hours from Managua and situated on 3.5 miles of Pacific coastline, Gran Pacifica is a great base of operations for exploring Nicaragua.

It features a ton of activities, such as tennis, golf, horseback riding, and surfing. And no matter your preference, Gran Pacifica offers the perfect accommodations for your needs, with everything from beachfront condos, tiny homes, oceanfront villas, and more.

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The development Gran Pacifica’s communities have seen over the past year has been amazing, and each community in the resort is really coming together. Wanna check it out in person? Book your stay using this link to get 5% off!

In the meantime, here are some of the highlights from the EVA (tiny home) and BELA (beachfront villa) communities.


An Ideal Landing Pad in Nicaragua

EVA, which stands for Eco Village Asuchillo, is a community consisting of sustainable, eco-friendly tiny homes. They are designed to be fully off-grid and feature an ideal mix of indoor and outdoor living, allowing you to take advantage of the warm climate and inviting Nicaraguan landscape. Plus, they are literally just a 2-minute walk from Asuchillo beach!

There has been tremendous progress in the construction of this community over the past year, including 50 of the 73 homes being fully built and the rest expected to be completed by mid-year.

Another amazing addition is the pool and clubhouse, where you can meet other members of the community, grab a bite to eat, and take a dip to beat the heat!

An Ideal Landing Pad in Nicaragua

Surrounded by community gardens and orchards, EVA is the ultimate in eco-friendly living.

EVA homes are available in 1 bed/1 bath, 2 bed/1 bath, and 2 bed/2 bath floor plans.

Did you know there are still some of these tiny homes up for grabs? Head on over to this link for more information about pricing and models available.


An Ideal Landing Pad in Nicaragua

The BELA community will truly knock your socks off. Short for Beachfront Eco Lifestyle Alternative, BELA is where you’ll want to be if luxurious oceanfront living is your dream.

Featuring a hybrid solar system for power, these beachfront homes give you the best seat in the house while still being eco-friendly. If you are someone who loves the beach and water activities of all types, the BELA homes would be a great fit for you. Can you tell they are my favorite?

The BELA community has seen major progress in the building of the three community pools as well as the sea wall. Five of the scheduled homes have been fully built, with the rest expected to be delivered by mid-year.

BELA homes come in 2 bed/2 bath and 3 bed/2 bath floor plans and are designed specifically for you to have the best possible view of the ocean and to take advantage of those cooling sea breezes. Imagine the sunsets you could take in, right from your patio?

There are still some BELA homes available if you are interested in grabbing your piece of paradise. Check out this link for more information about pricing and models available.

Other Communities

While I’ve focused on the EVA and BELA communities today, Gran Pacifica has several other communities you might want to check out, including:

  • Las Perlas Oceanfront Village
  • MILA (Modern Innovative Lifestyle Alternative)
  • San Diego Viejo
  • Santa Barbara
  • ISLA (Intentional Sanctuary Lifestyle Alternative)

Join the Nicaragua Discovery Tour this August!

An Ideal Landing Pad in Nicaragua

As we all know, the best way to see if a particular destination is right for you is to go down and experience it in person.

And, if you are ready to take the next step and visit Nicaragua yourself, you are in luck! Gran Pacifica is hosting a Nicaragua Discovery Tour from August 13 – 19, 2024.

You’ll get to tour around the country, make some amazing memories, and check out all Gran Pacifica has to offer. Maybe you will even find your dream home!

This is the perfect opportunity to experience Nicaragua and start building your Plan B or retirement dreams. Book now!

Invest in your Plan B today!

An Ideal Landing Pad in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has become a desirable haven for people seeking adventure, freedom, and a lower cost of living. And this also makes it a great choice for your Plan B landing pad – North Americans aren’t heading down there in increasing numbers for nothing!

The communities at Gran Pacifica provide an incredible opportunity to invest in this rapidly developing country and secure your spot in a beautiful location among like-minded people for a great price.

Imagine enjoying most of your day outdoors, visiting with new friends and neighbors, and enjoying fresh, healthy food over a sunset dinner.

Imagine the feeling of peace you would have, knowing that no matter what happens at home, you have a safe place you can go if things get bad enough. Or even if you just want to get away for a few weeks or months and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Is Gran Pacifica, in the beautiful country of Nicaragua, that place for you? I guess you’ll have to visit and see for yourself! Let me know if you plan on going, I’d love to hear all about it!

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Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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