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Volunteering in Nicaragua

There are many areas where you can volunteer in Nicaragua. And even though it is recommended that you know at least the basics in Spanish to be able to communicate with the people you are going to work with, you will also have the chance to improve your language skills a lot during your stay. English is mostly spoken in the tourist areas, in rural communities you will hear Creole, Spanish and indigenous languages.

There are about 20 nonprofit organization based in Nicaragua. Each NGO focuses on different areas to make a difference in the life of the poor people in Nicaragua.

Areas to volunteer in are numerous and varied, so if you are interested to come to Nicaragua you will most certainly find an area you are interested in. If it is teaching English or tutoring elementary or secondary students, help women to become more independant, working with special needs children or building homes and assisting with agriculture education at cooperative farms, Nicaragua offers many volunteering programs to join.

There are long-term and short-term opportunities, some are free and for some you will have to pay. So to give you an idea on what is available we would like to present you with some organizations that offer great opportunities to help people:

Center for Development in C. A.
They host individual volunteers and delegations.  Volunteers are asked to stay six months even though there are exceptions. The cost is USD 10.00 per day to cover  accommodations, food, and some in-country transportation. Their projects are Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Economic Development,  Healthcare and Education.

Quetzaltrekkers León
Quetzaltrekkers was founded in 1995 as a means of self-sustainable, grassroots fundraising to help street children by offering hiking and trekking tours. Quetzaltrekkers is one of very few volunteer organizations that does not charge money for volunteer opportunities. Volunteers have to pay for their room and living expenses.

Rancho Esperanza
Jiquilillo is one of three small fishing communities situated on the peninsula of Punta Caliente, located in the Department of Chinandega. The work Rancho Esperanza does is primarily funded from hostel earnings, but there are as well different projects volunteers can work on, like Hostel and Projects Management, Kids Club, Teacher Assistance, Surf Club, Teaching English, Creative Arts and Green Projects.

Project Bona Fide
Project Bona Fide’s vision is to help reintroduce biodiversity to support rebuilding ecologies and economies that first feed and nurture the communities growing them. Bona Fide’s volunteer program offers a unique opportunity for experiential learning in permaculture and tropical agroforestry

El Porvenir
Group members work alongside Nicaraguan families to build a community wash station,latrines, or fuel-efficient stoves–or plant trees in the village micro-watershed. The Cost is $925-1135  which includes meals, lodging, in-country transportation, translation, health insurance, recreation, and the materials for the project the volunteer works on.

There are many more organizations that help the people of Nicaragua to achieve a better way of living. You will find lots of information online if you are interested to spend some time in Nicaragua volunteering.


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