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Top 10 Countries with the Best Healthcare, Treatment, and Wellness Facilities: Part 1

Medical tourism is one of the many great reasons to buy foreign property. Thousands of people come to Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Slovakia, Slovenia,Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and other such countries which have resorts with hot springs, good health facilities with qualified professionals, and a refreshing climate to improve their health. I hope you enjoy Part 1: Top 10 Countries with the Best Healthcare, Treatment, and Wellness Facilities. Here are the links to Part 2, and to Part 3


Medical Infrastructure of European and Middle Eastern Countries

Sources: WHO and Numbeo

Numbeo Healthcare Index
USD p.a.
per capita (2014)
Number of physicians
per 10,000 people
Index World
Austria 78.80 7 5,580 n/a
Bulgaria 53.42 63 662 86.4
Germany 76.02 11 5,411 136.1
Israel 75.47 12 2,910 83.0
Slovakia 61.15 50 1,455 93.9
Slovenia 63.07 45 2,161 109.8
Turkey 71.87 22 568 41.1
France 80.60 3 4,959 124.9
Czech Republic 74.64 16 1,379 n/a
Switzerland 69.93 26 9,674 214.1


*Estimates the quality of medicine and equipment, the qualification of physicians, and the cost of services.


According to the latest research performed by Numbeo, Austria makes the top-ten list of countries with the best healthcare systems. It has all the essentials for treatment and fitness: clean mountain air, resorts with mineral (iodine, radon sulfur*, salt) waters, and upscale medical services.


Sigmund Freud liked spending his summers at the resort of Bad Gastein

Styria (Steiermark), a region with a mild, almost Mediterranean climate, is famous for its hot springs. The most important resorts of Styria are Bad Blumau, Bad Waltersdorf, Bad Gleichenberg, Bad Radkersburg, Köflach, and Loipersdorf.

Over 60 healing springs run through Carinthia (Kärnten), near the resorts of Bad Kleinkirchheim and Villach. These localities are perfect for those who want to combine spa treatment with skiing. Bad Gastein, a winter resort with hot springs rich in radon, is located relatively close to Salzburg. The resorts of Bad Ischl, Bad Hall, and Bad Zell in upper Austria (Oberösterreich), as well as Bad Fischau-Brunn and Bad Schönau in lower Austria (Niederösterreich), are also famous.

The health services and the quality of life in Austria are on par with those of Switzerland and Germany, while the property in Mozart’s homeland is much cheaper: outside the metropolitan areas, residential properties cost €2,500–3,500 per sq m. Those who wish to reside in Austria permanently and receive treatment in the country at the same time can choose Bad Gastein, often referred to as “the Alpine Monte Carlo.” A spacious flat at this resort costs €400,000–600,000 on average.

*If you are considering radon-based treatment, please consult with your doctor first.

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Of the “healthiest” European countries, the closest and cheapest for Europeans is Bulgaria. The country has over 600 springs of all the known mineral water varieties that boost immunity and cleanse the body of toxins. The healing powers of the springs were acknowledged even by the Thracians, who lived in the area thousands of years ago.

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The hottest European mineral spring (up to 103°C) is located in the town of Sapareva Banya

The most famous balneological centres of Bulgaria are the Burgas Mineral Baths, Kyustendil, Sapareva Banya, the Sliven Mineral, Sofia, and Hisar. The mineral waters in Sandanski, in the town of Bankya in Southern Bulgaria (Sandanski is considered to be one of the best European resorts to treat bronchial asthma), and in the towns of Velingrad, Devin, and Kostenets are famous for their curative properties.

Such resorts offer aromatherapy, mud therapy, kinesiotherapy, therapeutic showers, paraffin treatment, chromotherapy, thalassotherapy, and massages to their guests. You can combine your holiday by the sea with treatment in Albena, the Burgas mineral springs and the resorts of Golden Sands.

Property prices in Bulgaria hover around €600–900 per sq m. A flat at the resort of Golden Sands costs €70,000–120,000.

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I hope you enjoyed Part 1: Top 10 Countries with the Best Healthcare, Treatment, and Wellness Facilities. Here are the links to Part 2, and to Part 3

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