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Snowbirds Flock to Mexico!

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They have the same profile as those who arrived in the 90’s to the arrival in the coming decades?

Every year between the months of November and April the landscape of this beautiful region changes its dynamics, the “winter visitors” better known as “Snowbirds” have come to the region.

Snowbirds Welcome! – It is estimated that during the months of January to March the population increases to an average of 50,000 Snowbirds, who shed themselves spending an average of 2,000 monthly dlls both lodging, food and recreation and leisure activities, representing an economic impact of more than $ 400 million this season, excluding the acquisition of villas.

According to studies by AMAR, this situation is expected to be increased by 25 to 30% over the next five years, receiving an average air out Snowbirds 65,000 of which over 35% are of Canadian origin and may be discontinued in the region a greater economic benefit to $ 520 million.

Many in the Banderas Bay region, and talk about the Snowbirds are already familiar with this migratory movement, such is the case that in 2010 the American Association of Retired People, better known as AARP select Vallarta to the region as one of the 10 destinations worldwide retreat favored by American retirees, this not counting Canadians in recent years have increased their presence in these destinations, as well as Europeans and Asians who are beginning to favor.

But do we really know who they are, their current and future needs and their vision of how transform the way we deal this winter season, “U.S. and Canadian baby boomers are redefining the way they face their retirement stage, and no exception to the migration of the Snowbirds “commented Lorin Yakiwchuk-President of AMAR Canada,” in our case we have no choice, we are in the understanding that we will cross the border and the border states of Southern USA and Mexico are our first choice, added .

From the third quarter of 2011 began systematically withdrawing generation baby boomers in North America, that is, the first step to be demographic surge over 65 years – retirement stage in the U.S. – and in that short time become clear that they are establishing a new way of how they will live their retirement stage and in the locations we want to pass this stage of life will have to define a new approach to aging in place “Aging in Place” and those who wish to do so in most accessible places to enable them to maintain or improve their quality of life, defined the new trend of what has been mastered “Aging Abroad” aging abroad.

“The Snowbirds profile has changed over the past two years, above the ones we visited were the generation” Silent “baby boomers potatoes, and they discovered that in places like Mexico could retire early, but Today we begin to notice the arrival of this generation and hence a different profile and it is important that employers and public and private institutions to join this new dynamic, “said Javier Govi, founder of LOVE, and added,” is a fact that this generation seek more specialized services, and will be more demanding than their predecessors, they will not come in passively, come looking to give more life to years and those businesses that understand this will benefit most.

New Snowbirds traveling not only to keep out the cold, but many of them will be looking to solve the problems they face in their home country with the cost and time of service in the health sector, so some of them come with a new concept of living the “aging abroad”, and what this meant, the estimated trends in bins roots will not focus on the acquisition of property, but to the enjoyment of a quality of life that allows them to feel active and dynamic , a real estate without the anchor, giving rise to the growth of business models based on revenue.

The challenge will be to make as accessible and attractive destination, where the concepts of well-being and well-being (holistic, religious, cultural, educational, dining, recreation and entertainment), will be the basis to keep them in love with the place and this sense Banderas Bay has targeted this sector.

The issue of Medicare and possible portability abroad is on the negotiating table before the U.S. Congress, however, not only in this country is being heard this possibility, in the case of Europe and particularly in Germany, is exploring the possibility of “exporting” their seniors to soften the deficit they are facing these countries.

“It is only a matter of economics, it’s about rights, we pay taxes if living abroad, which is why we can not in an emergency to have the benefit of Medicare services in which we live, a place to which we call home, “said Paul Christ, president of Americans for Medicare in Mexico”

AMAR and Medicare for American in Mexico A.C. in conjunction with Center for Medicare Portability have teamed up to bring Banderas Bay and the Keynote Roundtable called “El Retiro is good business” where for the first time the founder of Mr. Javier Govi ​​AMAR will release the great opportunities baby boomers generation and migration of the “Snowbirds” will turn the industry for Retirement as one of the top three sources of foreign exchange earnings.

The Lecture will be held at the Sheraton Buganvilias Gaviotas classroom on February 22 from 8:30 to 14:00 and then have a Business Cocktail sponsored Fluvial Vallarta Grupo Cuervo.

The profile of the Snowbirds will be a new challenge for Banderas Bay, but also a great opportunity to make this destination one of the most profitable in Mexico.

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