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How to Work In Croatia

How to Work In Croatia

Sometimes expats want to relocate to new countries and continue to work. Maybe it’s a way to pass the time, or maybe you just like having a steady flow of income. Whatever the reason, there are a couple of ways that working abroad in Croatia is possible for non-citizens.



If you don’t obtain a visa, and you’re simply visiting for 90 days and choosing to work in Croatia, you don’t need a work permit at all (that is, if you’re coming from North America. Check to see if your country allows you the same possibility)! However, it’s a different story if you’re seeking residency in the country.

You will need both a residency (visa) and a work permit. In order to apply for either you’ll need to complete an application form and turn it in at the local police station. You’ll need two photographs, a valid passport, and an explanation for why you want to live in the country. For a work permit, you’ll have to give a justification for why a foreign national should work the job rather than a Croatian national.


Employment Visa

An “entry visa for the purpose of employment,” otherwise known as the work visa, can be used to gain the type of residency in which you can hold a job. However, in addition to this visa, you will also have to gain a work permit. You’ll only have the ability to apply for the work permit once you’ve been approved for the resident visa.

The employment visa application should be filled out and submitted by your employer. It will usually take about two to three weeks to be processed. Along with the standard documentation mentioned above, you will need your employer to provide a short explanation of your qualifications for the job, an assignment letter or draft of the employment translated into Croatian, and a sentence or two about why a foreign national should complete the job rather than a Croatian national.

Both the employment visa and the work permit are renewable, and the time limit on each depends on the job at hand. The maximum amount of time for these documents is one year. You’ll have to remember to renew these 90 days before they expire.


Business Visa

A business visa, rather than an employment visa, is required if a foreign national is to perform work abroad in Croatia based on a job already held or for someone seeking to establish a business or run a business of his/her own. Again, the standard documentation is necessary, but with a few additions.

For this visa, the applicant must submit all necessary documentation individually. A “resolution” will be required. This is a document that confirms the desirability of the skill set being brought in. A notarized copy of the ID page of the applicant’s passport, the application fee ($50 USD), and a rental agreement providing the terms of the applicant’s living quarters will also be required. Along with proof of rental/living quarters, the ID card of the applicant’s landlord and proof of the landlord’s ownership will also need to be submitted.

Like the work visa, the business visa can’t be issued for any longer than one year, at which time it will have to be renewed. You’ll also need a work permit when issued this type of visa. The same rules apply as far as length of term of validity and the necessity to renew the permit at least 90 days before it expires.


Job Landscape

Destinations that are especially popular for expats in finding work are those of Zagreb, Split, and Rijeka. These are the cities in which maritime trade and tourism industries are thriving, even if other industries are not. While the unemployment rate in Croatia is somewhat high, this mostly applies in the low-income sector. If you are highly skilled in a technical field or something similar, you may not have a tough time at all. Here are some stats to consider:

  • Unemployment Rate: 11%
  • Minimum Wage: 433.35 EUR per month ($522.99 USD)
  • Major Industries:
    • Shipbuilding, construction, petrochemicals, food processing, accounting, and tourism
  • Labor Force:
    • Agriculture: 1.9%
    • Industry: 27.6%
    • Services 70.4%

You can always look for jobs in hospitality in areas where tourism is thriving, so don’t forget to consider that market. You also have the option of working a remote job based outside of the country. For example, if you move from the United States and keep your job there, you could remotely work abroad from Croatia. That would ensure that you keep your revenue flowing and at a rate that might be more comfortable for you versus what jobs in Croatia might pay.


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