facebook Information on Mexico Real Estate to Live, Retire, Work, or Invest

Information on Mexico Real Estate to Live, Retire, Work, or Invest

Information on Mexico Real Estate to Live, Retire, Work, or Invest.

Welcome to EscapeArtist’s Living in Mexico. If you are looking for information on Mexico to move to, retire in Mexico, buy real estate for Mexico retirement or a second home, invest in Mexico real estate, or just want to get to know a bit more about living in Mexico, we are the place to find that information.  We have dozens of articles and are adding new information on Mexico and articles every week to help you decide if you want to become an expatriate in Mexico…

We feature information on Mexico for different aspects of living in Mexico, so you can really learn about the distinct benefits and lifestyle that Mexico offers. Additionally, we feature different cities and regions in Mexico to help you decide what parts of Mexico fit your lifestyle.

To start we have some great information on living in Mexico to get you started:

  • Guide to Buying Real Estate in Mexico
  • Guide to Renting Real Estate in Mexico
  • Overview of Living in Mexico
  • The Benefits of Retiring in Mexico
  • How to Get Residency in Mexico

Buying Mexico Real Estate

buying Mexico real estateIf you have decided to live, invest, or retire in Mexico there are many places in Mexico to find great deals on buying property in Mexico. And you have a lot of choices to choose from – like the big cities of Merida, Mexico City, and San Miguel – to the Caribbean Akumal, Tulum, and Play del Carmen real estate markets. Then to the Pacific coast Puerto Vallarta and Cabo real estate markets. Mexico real estate has plenty of opportunities to choose from.

Buying Mexico real estate is not very complicated and much like the rest of the world. Here we go over the process in detail….

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Renting Real Estate in Mexico

renting real estate in MexicoAre you wanting to live in Mexico and rent a house or condo in Mexico? Renting real estate in Mexico is a good decision if you want to get to know the real estate market and local amenities before buying Mexico real estate.

Also – the prices for rental real estate in Mexico are very affordable even if you decide to rent and not buy.  If you are looking to work, live, or retire in Mexico renting might be a great option. Here we will go over the process of renting a property in Mexico. We also tell you some great ways to find Mexico property to rent.

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Information on Mexico for Living in Mexico

living in Mexico informationMexico is a top country for Americans and Canadians to retire abroad. There are many reason – one being it is close to home. And of course Mexico is the top destination for European and North Americans retirees. Retiring in Mexico has many advantages from the low cost of living to the bargains in buying Mexico real estate.

But a lot of foreigners are living in Mexico because it is an attractive place to live abroad for people of working age, those with families, or people who want a second home.

Why? Because it is not that expensive and people living in Mexico fall in love with the Mexican lifestyle..

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There Are Many Benefits of Retiring in Mexico

retiring in MexicoThere are an estimated one million Canadians and Americans who moved to Mexico and are living in Mexico – loving their Mexican retirement.

Mexico has many benefits for retirement in Mexico – from the many lifestyle options to the ease and practicality of living in this beautiful country.

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One the main benefits for many Americans and Canadians is the geographical location. The benefit of being an easy flight away from their homes is very important to many people who want to retire abroad. But there are many more benefits too…

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How to Get Residency in Mexico

residency in MexicoIt used to be quite a hassle to get residency on Mexico. But in 2012 there were new laws introduced simplifying the process of getting residency in Mexico. Now to become a resident in Mexico it can be done in as little as 3 months.

We always suggest hiring a Mexico attorney to make sure the process of getting your residency in Mexico goes smoothly. Of course with a tourist visa you can stay in Mexico for 6 months. But, if you want to be living in Mexico, working or retiring in Mexico, you will want to get a Mexico attorney to get you residency in Mexico…..

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Services for Retiring, Investing, Working, and Living in Mexico

Escape Artist Mexico has developed business relationships, partnerships, and contacts to assist individuals, businesses, and investors to invest, move or retire to Mexico. Below you can find a list of services Escape Artist Mexico offers.

For Individuals and Families We Offer:

  • Mexico Real Estate Buyer’s Broker Services
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Mexico Residency Services

For Businesses We Offer:

  • Mexico Business Relocations
  • Mexico Banking
  • Mexico Business Formations
  • Business Tax Assistance

Please Contact Us About Mexico Expatriate Services


Mexico … ¡ Viva México!

PS: We’re very interested in having articles from frequent travellers, snowbirds, or people living in Mexico — so if you are one of them — please get in touch with us here. We would love to hear from you!

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