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Industry Focus in Sweden

Industry Focus in Sweden


Personal computers and cell phones are a fixture in virtually every Swedish home. Our flair for innovation and thirst for knowledge have made us a world leader in IT and telecom. Exporters enjoy excellent business opportunities in these sectors. Our success can be seen in the global league tables, where we consistently achieve high scores for R&D and implementation. As a result, Swedish IT and telecom companies have a top-class international reputation and together form one of the country’s largest export sectors.


Food Industry

Foreign interest in Swedish food is growing steadily, in no small measure thanks to the successes of Swedish chefs in prestigious international competitions. Business Sweden primarily help small and mid-sized food companies to gain a presence in the global market. Food processing is a growing export sector and Sweden will continue to invest heavily in this area through ventures like Sweden – The New Culinary Nation (a Ministry for Rural Affairs initiative) and Try Swedish, an international marketing drive to raise awareness of Swedish food and encourage food-lovers worldwide to discover Sweden’s culinary culture and lifestyle.


Transport Systems

No society can work without effective infrastructure and logistics systems. Sweden has long been a leader in this field and at Business Sweden we help companies to develop profitable export opportunities.


Creative Industries

Sweden is already one of the world’s most creative nations, with world-class companies, products and services in areas such as fashion, music, design and film. Most of these businesses are small, but many have the potential to grow internationally. Creative industries are a key economic sector for Sweden and enjoy strong growth prospects. The transition from an information society to a knowledge economy means that experience-based industries are becoming more important.


Materials and Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing of products and components is the cornerstone of Sweden’s export sector and a vital cog in the national economy. A strong innovative capacity and high productivity are two reasons why we continue to perform well in this arena. A third reason is the growth in recent years of services offered in conjunction with traditional finished products, including service contracts, support and development know-how.



Security – for people, property or sensitive business data – is in growing demand worldwide. The security sector is expanding as a result, and Sweden is home to many leading firms with excellent prospects.


Health Care and Life Science

Sweden offers some of the best health care and elderly care in the world. Swedish life science companies are global leaders in their field. Interest in export and internationalization opportunities in this sector has never been higher, creating exciting potential for Swedish firms. Exports range from business startups in foreign markets to sales of services, skills, solutions, systems and personnel to foreign health care providers. Effective packaging and marketing of products and services under the Swedish health care banner is a key ingredient for success in this field.


Energy and Environment

Energy and environmental technology are critical for sustainable development and also provide a source of exciting international business opportunities. Business Sweden is actively involved in a range of projects aimed at helping more companies to expand in this area via exports to new or existing markets. We work through a national network of businesses, agencies and organizations active in waste management, recycling, renewable energy and the treatment of air, water and wastewater. We offer export advisory services, skills development, market research, trade missions, exhibitions and matchmaking.


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