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5 Best Places To Visit in Sweden

5 Best Places To Visit in Sweden


When thinking about Sweden’s cold weather, ice and snow and northern lights will come to mind. But have you ever thought to actually spend part of your vacation in a hotel made of ice? Located in Jukkasjärv, ICEHOTEL is the world’s largest hotel made of ice and snow. The 5,500 square meter complex includes an Ice church and an Icebar. It is constructed anew every November-December from 1,000 tonnes of Torne River ice and 30,000 tons of “snice”, a mixture of snow and ice that strengthens the structure. In mid-April, the hotel starts to melt and the ice becomes part of the Torne River once again.


Wallander’s Ystad

If you are a fan of Henning Mankell’ Police Superintendent Kurt Wallander you can follow in his footsteps by taking a tour in an old veteran fire engine around Ystad and listen to stories about the films and the books.


The Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is a cluster of some 30,000 islands, skerries, and rocks spreading 80 km east from the city into the Baltic Sea. Some are large inhabited islands famed for their summer parties and others are little more than rocky outposts or grassy knolls visited only by seals or adventurous kayakers. Popular for summertime holidays it can nevertheless be visited year-round and you can boat, hike, fish, sea kayak, bike and swim and even ice yacht. There are camping sites and BBQ stations on different islands or if you want to enjoy a gourmet dinner at a famed Swedish restaurant you will find one of those on Fjäderholmarna, Grinda, and Värmdö.


See the Northern Lights

One of the most beautiful and impressive sights nature has to offer are the Northern Lights. This phenomenon occurs during the winter months through late March or early April, but they can be spotted as early as September in the northernmost parts.

The best time to watch them is on cold winter nights when the sky is clear, dark with little to no moonlight, and cloudless. You need to be away from city lights, so best head out into the countryside.

On clear nights, the northern lights can be seen from most locations in Swedish Lapland, occurring between 6:00 and 14:00, with the strongest shows happening between 22:00 and 23:00. There are different locations throughout Lapland where the lights can be seen. Just remember not to wave, sing or whistle at them. Alerted to your presence, the spirits of the lights will come down and take you away. Clap your hands and you’ll be safe.



The idea behind Treehotel is to offer high-standard accommodation in a harmonious place where daily stress melts away. Guests can relax and renew their energy while surrounded by unspoiled nature. A weekend at Treehotel offers a variety of both summer and winter activities. Or you can simply enjoy the quiet, timelessness, and harmony that are found in the tree and surroundings. The hotel is located in Harads, near the Lule river, about 100 kilometers from Luleå airport. The village has a population of about 600 and features a restaurant, shop and guest house.

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