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Getting Your Work Permit to Work in Mexico

If you want to work in Mexico there are some options. The Mexican Government issues work permits to people who are sponsored by Mexican companies  or foreign companies with Mexican operations. You might also receive a work permit if you have special skills needed in Mexico.

You can also receive a permit if you are an investor setting up your own business. To qualify you will have to invest 40,000 times the minimum daily salary, which at the moment is around USD 139.50 in Mexico City (rural areas might have a lower minimum wage).

The rate of unemployment is very high in Mexico, so the government will not grant a work permit to a foreigner if it is for a job that a Mexican can do. So unless you want to work in restaurants or bars for little pay or teach English your best chances to find a job are in the following areas:

  • Petroleum
  • Agricultural processing
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer durables

Even though there are many foreigners who come sponsored by companies there are others who don’t mind to accept lower wages as in their home countries as they prefer the lifestyle Mexico offers.

To find a job in Mexico networking is a plus. The more people you know and talk to the greater possibilities there are for you to find a job. Having a professional diploma and being bi-lingual (Spanish and English) are essential qualities if you want to work in Mexico. And it is always better to search for “Visa Sponsor” as those companies will help you with obtaining your visa.

Most jobs are advertised either in the newspaper or at websites, and interviews will be held, to find the best candidate for the job. Once you are offered the job you will have to sign a contract which specifies your hourly wage or salary. It will tell you how you are getting paid, how you should dress and the rules and regulations of the company. The rules of termination are in the contract as well.

If you want to teach English, there are several documents that you will need for your teaching job.  Since application requirements are inconsistent and not uniform in Mexico, it is better to bring more instead of less papers with you. You should bring your birth certificate, university/college transcripts and diploma and all your papers will have to be translated into Spanish.

You can find teaching positions in high schools, universities or language schools or do some private tutoring. The best time to find a job at a school is at the start of the new term in August and September, but there are openings all year long.

There are some schools that require English teachers to have a university degree, teaching experience, and a TESOL certificate, while other schools are happy to have teachers only with their TESOL certificate.

The average pay for an English teacher is USD $400 to USD $1000.

If you don’t want to work for somebody else you have the option to set up a small business there: perhaps a bar or a restaurant. Or you can offer consulting services, either in business development, and especially in IT and Internet related fields.

Or if you just want to spend a limited period of time in Mexico volunteering might be the thing for you to try out, working in the community and social projects, helping local people by sharing your knowledge and experience, while gaining unique and authentic access to the local ways of life, culture and language.

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