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Curaçao’s Investment Climate

Curaçao’s Investment Climate:

offers investors a relatively safe and positive environment in which to do business:

  • A stable political environment and long democratic tradition whose integrity is guaranteed by our membership of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
  • A brand-new civil code that has done away with many of the awkward differences between our original Continental code and the Anglo-Saxon code, and have made our system and that of Great Britain and the U.S. more comparable and more compatible,
  • A modern financial and business services infrastructure including local offices and representations of most major banks, accounting firms, law offices and consultancies,
  • An expanding tourism infrastructure, featuring the likes of Hilton and Marriott, with Hyatt working to build a resort and golf course on the eastern side of the island targeted at the upscale tourist market,
  • The second biggest seaport in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, after Rotterdam, and definitely one of the two or three most modern and efficient ports in the wider Caribbean, featuring among others the best mooring facility for latest generation mega cruise ships,
  • An airport in the process being modernized into one of the very best and safest by 2006,
  • Historic Willemstad, one of UNESCO’s 80-something World Heritage sites, the delight of all visitors


Investment Trends

After several years of economic stagnation, Curaçao’s economy is finally not only recovering but also undergoing a transformation that offers interesting opportunities to the local and international business community.

  • Expanding tourism is putting pressure on the present hospitality infrastructure and creating demand for additional investments in accommodations and airlift
  • The privatization program initiated by the government in 2001 has brought investments and strategic alliances with U.S., Dutch and Canadian companies, creating additional business opportunities,
  • Large-scale restoration of monuments and several new initiatives in the field of professional.
  • Training and cultural events are emphasizing the island’s status as a World Heritage site and highlighting the enormous potential as a center for professional education and cultural events.
  • Efforts to modernize economic legislation and policy have so far yielded new economic zone legislation, a new civil code with modern, internationally accepted standards for business, and commitment of the Netherlands Antilles to the Caribbean Rim Investment Initiative, an OECD-supported project aimed at transforming the Dutch Antillean islands with their centuries old tradition for political and legal stability into state of the art economies.



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