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Top 10 Best VPN to Use in New Zealand  

Censorship is a serious issue in New Zealand. Some online content is prohibited from within the nation’s borders. Two of the nation’s Internet providers participate in a rigid censorship program. So, how do personal and business Internet users bypass the censorship?

By utilizing a virtual private network (VPN). The Internet providers (or anyone else for that matter) cannot control or trace a user’s online activity. What are the best VPNs for online activity? Let’s look at the top ten.

#1. Surfshark

What makes a great VPN? Features. Lots of them. That’s why Surfshark tops the list of VPN providers. To start, Surfshark offers unlimited device support. Users can run their entire home or business on the VPN. This includes computers, smartphones or other devices.

Surfshark also additional features such as anti-malware, ad blocking, and full tracker blocking that is not commonly found on other VPNs. The platform is versatile enough to provide protection on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Users can whitelist apps and websites to bypass the service automatically.

This VPN service offers safe, sustainable, and affordable network solutions for personal and business users. We currently host over 500 servers in 50 countries. Our servers are fast, reliable, easy to use, and highly intuitive. With Surfshark, you’ll never have to worry about ads, malware, or trackers. You can also utilize our service on multiple devices. This is a perfect way to secure your home or business. Read Full Guide to learn more what a VPN is. 

#2. Express VPN

Express VPN is among the most popular of all providers in the world. Users can depend on a fast and reliable connection without interruption or overload. One of Express VPN’s  best features is its encryption, which virtually guarantees identity protection.

Express VPN is perfect for first-time VPN users who need an easy UX platform to operate the VPN. Likewise, it adds enough features to attract computer geeks and more advanced. The service also ranks high for their phone and chat 24/7 support. This is especially important for customers in New Zealand who may feel that they are isolated.

#3. PureVPN

With servers in over 130 countries, PureVPN allows users to access nearly unlimited content that Internet providers in New Zealand would otherwise block. PureVPN has a lightning-fast connection so that users can access high-end audio and video media.

PureVPN Automatic Protocol connects automatically to all types of protocols such as OpenVPN or PPTP across any network. Users can select or change the protocol of their choice straight on the app. PureVPN also gets high ratings for its solid internet firewalls, instant kill switch. For users who don’t want their activity recorded, PureVPN has a strict no-log policy.

#4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost also keeps a user’s activity private by recording or keeping zero logs. This is a great feature for customers in New Zealand who prefer ultimate privacy and do not want to adhere to strict internet policies.

CyberGhost currently operates on over 1100 servers worldwide, making them idea for an all-access experience. Their encryption feature is a military-grade AES 256-BIT encryption with a 2048-BIT RSA key. This helps users maintain a highly secure and private profile.

#5. IPVanish

Consumers looking for a more affordable VPN may want to turn to IPVanish. Starting as low as $6.50/month, IPVanish still offers lots of great features. For instance, users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth with no throttling. The service still makes it easy to stream audio and video with no buffering.

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Each subscription offers two connections that can be applied to both computer and remote mobile device use. The app is simple and straightforward to use for streaming and internet browsing, as well as other online activity.

#6. NordVPN

NordVPN consistently ranks among the best VPN providers for several reasons. First, users love the efficient customer service and even more efficient platform. NordVPN gives users a super-fast experience with zero interruption on all devices both on-site and remote.

Second, NordVPN has one of the most secure networks in the industry. Users in New Zealand looking for an optimal secure connection can trust NordVPN no matter where they browse or what device they use. NordVPN offers a no-log policy. Plus, they combine it with double data encryption and an instant kill switch to preserve user anonymity.

#7 PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN has experienced its share of drawbacks, customer complaints, and tech issues over the years. In recent months, however, the company has rebounded with a superior network and improved customer service. PrivateVPN is also more affordable for entry-level users who may not need additional features.

PrivateVPN only has 80 servers. Thus, users who want a more expansive browsing experience may need to look elsewhere.

#8. HideMyAss

The name says it all. When it comes to premier protection for audiences in New Zealand, HideMyAss is one of the best virtual network providers on the market. Both the company and its products/services consistently receive high customer ratings and reviews. HideMyAss enables users to watch any content that would otherwise be restricted by New Zealand’s Internet providers.

HideMyAss networks span 200 countries with maximum security encryption protocols, IP leak protection, and nearly unparalleled user anonymity. Account holders can use the service on up to five on-site or remote devices. The only caveat to HideMyAss is that, since it is based in Great Britain, it does record and keep some activity logs, in compliance on British Laws.

#9. SaferVPN

SaferVPN offers both competitive service and an even more competitive price plan. The VPN prototype has over 700 servers, but it’s only available in 34 countries. Limited browsing could be an issue depending on user activity. Still, it boasts 256-bit encryption — one of the best around. Users can still count on a completely private browsing experience.

Although SaferVPN appeals to industry professionals, it is still simple enough for beginners to learn the interface. SaferVPN has quick connection speeds so that streaming content is a hassle-free experience for users in New Zealand.

#10. Hotspot Shield

Like, Private VPN, Hotspot Shield has also suffered from its share of bad PR, lackluster performance, and even accusation of spying back in 2017. The result of an impending investigation revealed that the company’s software had a flaw. They weren’t spies.

Hotspot Shield has made tremendous strides, however, to improve their product and their reputation. First, they offer the best money-back guarantee (45-day) of any VPN service. The network support both Mac and Windows platforms. They also offer plugins for Chrome and Firefox with a connection kill switch. Hotspot Shield does not support P2P or BitTorrent or the OpenVPN. It also limits its protocol support to L2TP/IPSec.

I hope you enjoyed reading: Top 10 Best VPN to Use in New Zealand  


Christopher Nichols is a tech writer for SurfShark. 

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