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Sponsoring Family Members to Australia: Is it Possible?

Sponsoring Family Members to Australia: Is it Possible?

Australia has grown to be among the top countries that people move to for work or leisure. Are you living in Australia alone and would like to bring your family to live with you? Well, this article is meant for you, as it details the ways in which you can sponsor family members to Australia.


Gaining Australian Citizenship

For a family member to live in Australia, they must be granted Australian citizenship. This guide will help you understand the process of applying for Australian citizenship.

  • Checking eligibility – The process of checking whether you are eligible to become an Australian citizen is quite simple. Some of the things any migration agency will consider include whether you are a permanent resident, you meet the residence requirements, or whether you are of good character.
  • Documents – You have to note that each document you provide will be assessed and used to verify your eligibility. You may add any additional document that you feel will create a positive outcome.
  • Application – After you are done with the verification process and have been deemed eligible for Australian citizenship, you will have to pay the stated fee.
  • Appointment – After you have completed the application process, you will be invited for an interview, whereby a decision on your citizenship will be made and you will get the legal advice required afterward.


Types of Parent Visas

Cases of children sponsoring family members to Australia has become rampant. You will need to understand some of the family visa options to choose from. You must also know how to apply for an Australian visa. Some of the available options include:

  1. Australian Permanent Visa – This type of visa is only eligible to parents who have their child or children living in Australia. The good thing about this visa is that it allows for a permanent resident application for parents – meaning you are allowed to live in Australia permanently as a parent. Some of the things to set straight before applying for this type of visa are to check:
  • The resident status of your child/children
  • The duration your child has been in Australia
  • Whether you meet the family test balance
  • Whether you meet the health requirement
  1. Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa (subclass 173) – This type of visa will allow a parent to an Australian citizen to live in Australia for up to 2 years. You have to note that this type of visa can neither be extended nor renewed.
  1. Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 143) – This type of visa is the permanent resident application for parents. As long as your child is a law abiding Australian citizen, you can live permanently in Australia.
  1. Aged Parents Visa (subclass 804) – This type of visa will allow older parents to live permanently in Australia.
  1. Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Visa (subclass 884) – This type of visa allows older parents to live for up to 2 years in Australia. This visa can neither be renewed nor extended.
  1. Contributory Aged Parent Visa (subclass 864) – This type of visa allows an older parent to live permanently in Australia. Your child must be a lawful Australian citizen and have lived for more than two years in Australia before your application is accepted.


Why Should You Bring Your Parents to Australia?

  1. Spending time with them – As parents are aging, they will require constant checks and visits. Who can do that better than their kids? Having your parents close by will ensure you peace of mind in knowing they are okay. In the case of anything, you are available to respond quickly and in person.
  1. Backup plan – Having your parents close by is an added advantage in case you need a helping hand. You have each other’s back.
  1. Attending events – The ability to attend events is crucial, especially for family members. Having your parents live in Australia permanently will ensure that they are always available to attend ceremonies and events you host. Having family close to you helps in strengthening the family bond.

Having the above information will aid you in choosing the type of visa your parents may require, so as to live with you in Australia permanently. You will need to consult with a relevant migration agency before proceeding with the application of Australian visas.

I hope you got value from this article: Sponsoring Family Members to Australia: Is it Possible?. For information on Asset Protection or moving your business to Australia, please contact our office HERE. I’ve also added some really great articles for you to read:

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