facebook Renting Real Estate in Mexico and Finding Rental Property in Mexico

Renting Real Estate In Mexico And Finding Rental Property In Mexico

Renting Real Estate In Mexico And Finding Rental Property In Mexico

Do you want to live in Mexico and find out how to rent Mexico real estate? Renting real estate in Mexico is a good decision if you are planning on living in Mexico for an extended period of time. Or if you want to get to know the real estate market and local communities before making a commitment to buying real estate in Mexico.

The prices for a rental property in Mexico are very reasonable if you decide to work, live, or retire in Mexico. Here we will go over the process of renting real estate in Mexico as well as the best ways for finding a rental property in Mexico.


Finding Rental Property In Mexico

Finding a real estate to rent in Mexico is pretty straightforward thanks to the many listings in real estate agent offices, online, and in newspapers. “For Rent” signs displayed in windows of houses and apartments are commonplace and, more often than not, someone will be available to show you around shortly after you make a call to inquire. Another method of looking for a property to rent in Mexico is to walk around neighborhoods that you like and ask at the local stores if they know of any properties to rent.

While dealing directly with the landlord or owner of a property is certainly an option, hiring the services of a Mexico real estate agent to help you with your search is strongly recommended in finding a rental property in Mexico. A good agent will know the area and will be able to advise you about which districts to avoid. The agent knows the intricacies of how to rent Mexico real estate and will help negotiate a good price for the property and make sure the rental contract is fair and legally binding. A good Mexico real estate agent can make the process of renting real estate in Mexico much less of a hassle.


Types Of Rental Property In Mexico

Although there are two very different types of rental markets in Mexico there is some overlap between them.


Short-Term Market

The short-term market is primarily aimed at vacationers who prefer to stay in a house or apartment rather than a hotel. As you would expect, these types of property are fully furnished and have a higher monthly rental price tag. However, if you are planning to rent for at least 6 months, you may be able to negotiate a better deal.


Long-Term Market

Aside from vacation homes for rent in Mexico, there is a long-term market where you will find unfurnished houses and apartments. The availability and range of choice will very much depend on the area you are looking at for renting real estate in Mexico. Again finding a rental property in Mexico is much easier using a qualified Mexico real estate agent.

Unfurnished rental accommodations in Mexico rarely come equipped with kitchen appliances or other basics such as window dressings or bathroom cabinets. So although the monthly rental prices are lower, you will need to purchase a refrigerator and a stove as well as furniture and furnishings for all of the other rooms in the property.

Unless you rent a property on a full-service basis, it is likely you will be responsible for paying all the utility bills and in some cases, arranging the connection of these services. If the property you rent needs a gas supply you will have to purchase gas from a private company or use a gas cylinder or stationary tank. If either of these is already installed at the property, you may be asked to pay a deposit to cover replacement in the event of damage or theft.

If you find a rental property in Mexico that you really like, but it’s a little out of your budget, don’t be afraid to negotiate and offer an amount that you can afford. It’s almost expected, and certainly not rude, to ask if the rental price is flexible.


The Process Of Renting Real Estate In Mexico

Although the process of how to rent Mexico real estate is regulated at the state level, the regulations are loosely defined allowing for negotiation of the terms of rental contracts. This is why using the services of a real estate professional is of the utmost importance to safeguard your rights as a tenant. It is not unusual to be given an English translation of a contract written Spanish, but in the event of a dispute, only the Spanish version is legally binding. This is why it might be a good idea to learn some Spanish.


Rental Agreements

Rental agreements in Mexico are similar to most other places in that the cost, duration, late payment notifications, and arrangements for a security deposit are all stated. A long-term rental agreement tends to be for one year with an option to renew at the end of that period. There will almost certainly be a clause giving the landlord the option to increase the rent.
It’s a reasonable expectation to move into a rental property that is in good condition; one that is freshly painted and has functional plumbing and safe electrics. Any defects should be noted and reported at, or shortly after moving in. Thereafter, the tenant is usually responsible for minor upkeep of the garden, interior decor, and sometimes the plumbing.

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It is likely that you will be asked for proof of income or savings to satisfy the landlord or their agent that you have the means to pay the rent. You might also be asked to provide one or two references especially if you are renting through an agent. If you have approached the owner directly, they are more likely to rely on their own judgment of character and not require personal or employment references.

In nearly all cases, a deposit, usually equal to one month’s rent, plus the first month’s rent in advance will be required at the time of signing the rental contract.

Mexico’s real estate rental laws are strongly in favor of protecting the rights of the tenant and maybe for that reason, many landlords feel the need to protect their own interests. It’s not uncommon for landlords to ask for a co-signer on the rental agreement. In practice, this can be very difficult for foreigners to arrange and is often overcome by offering to pay a larger deposit.



Once you have found a property to rent in Mexico, paid the deposit, and signed the agreement, there is only one thing left to do. Move-in, then relax and enjoy your new life in Mexico.

I hope you have found this information on how to rent Mexico real estate useful, from finding a rental property in Mexico to the process of how to rent Mexico real estate.

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