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Play Exciting Sports in Japan

Japan has four seasons and different geographical features like mountains, oceans and rivers, so there are a great variety of sports you can play during the whole year whether it is golf, fishing, skiing or surfing. In the following we will offer you a list of sports you can enjoy while visiting Japan.



Japan has a great deal of prestigious formal golf courses with illustrious histories. They open their doors to visitors in addition to members, and the ever present signature of high class extends to outstanding hospitality as well. There are numerous unique courses embellishing upon scenery and geographical features unique to Japan, making it a pleasant experience to catch a break from sightseeing and enjoy some light exercise with golf as a slight change of pace.


Each golf course has its own traditions, but in general the clothing expected when stepping out on the course to enjoy some golf is shirts with collars, such as pro-shirts designed specifically for golf, and slacks (skirts or culottes for women), with the addition of layers such as sweaters and sweatshirts in the winter. Casual wear like t-shirts, jeans, and sweat suits are not allowed. Shirts are expected to be tucked into slacks, and flamboyant patterns and colors should be avoided. Also, wearing a jacket is the custom when entering the club house. As a guest (visitor), it is especially important to take care not to offend the members when using a membership golf course.



The ocean surrounding Japan is home to unique types of fish as well as a sheer abundance of aqua-life unlike anything in the world. Japan also boasts a large amount of rivers, lakes, and marshes with excellent water quality, and with ocean waters and the nature of mountain land nearby, seafood cuisine in the interior regions of Japan are also extremely popular. These geographical conditions are part of the reason the Japanese people have loved fish for centuries. Visit the ocean or rivers, or anyplace where water can be found, and you are bound to find people casting fishing lines. In fact, enjoying fishing in Japan is also one way to get a feel for one of the foundations of life in Japan. We have included information here on some special fishing spots that feature characteristics unique to Japan while providing a fun leisure activity and sports type atmosphere.


Skiing and Nature Walks

Skiing is a leading winter sport also in Japan. In general, the ski season in Japan is from December through March. The Japan skiing is varied across the country depending on the terrain and the natural environment. Thanks to this, a variety of ski runs and conditions of snow can be enjoyed. Challenging bumpy slopes, thrilling runs with a great view which was made clearing woods and more variety of runs will satisfy even the advanced and expert skiers who have been to ski resorts around the world. The varied terrain in Japan has created hidden spots. A trekking tour to a hidden spot will give you real excitement in Japan’s nature.

Surfing and Diving

Surrounded by the sea, Japan has varied coastal features including beaches, rock reefs and estuaries. Surf spots and dive sites are found all over the nation. There is a big difference in the nature of the sea between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean. And sea conditions vary a great deal according to the wind, the sea floor terrain and the tide. We introduce you the surf spots with relatively easy access from the Tokyo Metropolitan area and the two leading dive destinations in Japan, the Kerama Islands and the Ogasawara Islands.

Source: http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/attractions/rest/sports/index.html

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