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Mexico Top Destinations Cancun Cozumel

Mexico Top Destinations Cancun Cozumel

For the past two decades, this area of Mexico has been the #1 tourist destination in all of Mexico and for many good reasons.

Cancun has also been voted by the international travel industry as the best tourist destination in Mexico for the past several years in a row and it is for that reason there are no direct flights from Europe being scheduled that gives the area an international flair and flavor not found anywhere else in Mexico or North America.

World Class is a term that is sometimes thrown out to the wind loosely for effect… but Cancun and Cozumel have truly earned that title.


Why Are They Top Destinations?

The primary reasons are the beaches with their white powder sand and crystal clear waters.

Miles and miles of world-class beaches with every kind of accommodation you can imagine from the modest bungalow to luxury condos, beachfront villas, to five-star resort hotels featuring spas and wellness centers, golf courses designed by the best golf course design architects on the planet.

Cancun and Cozumel have everything you can think of with regard to accommodations and the budget you have to spend on an abode for your stay.

If the miles of beautiful beaches and the great variety of places to stay weren’t enough to offer let’s think about the equally important big item on your vacation list FOOD.

There are many, many famous brands to choose from in the area for fine dining at its very best, with chefs imported from all over the world these places are most commonly found in the five-star hotels as an amenity but there are also the local eateries which are equally attractive and they have as good and even better food and service as the branded places.

Remember, don’t leave home without it as all of them are pricey with a capital “P”… Trust me you can get your fix from Mickey D’s after a night of partying till dawn… but the real veterans of the nightlife prefer the many fish and carne taco stands and street-side café’s that are easily found throughout the region… and I concur with the latter plan… as they say “when in Rome still try to eat fish tacos from Mexico after you party“…


Nightlife In Cancun And Cozumel

Now let’s take a quick look at the underbelly of the nightlife and party scene so you can be informed as to how to access the many hot “BARS AND NIGHTCLUBS “ that abound in this 24/7 party town. First, ask your hotel concierge to hook you up with a VIP PASS NO WAITING IN LINE if you want to play the part of “I am too cool to stand in line” and you most likely are…

I KNOW I AM… especially when there is an hour wait to get in to get to the dance floor and bars and we need not forget those hostesses serving those endless shots of Tequila that you quit counting way too soon… and you will definitely want to forget… about 11:00 am when you wake up in your room and realize that your $200 deposit on the fishing trip was forfeited cause you “missed the boat at 6:00 am”.

Okay after the Aspirin and Tylenol kick in and you have your first two “hair of the dog doubles” and you get a bite to eat poolside… and take that potentially lifesaving two-hour nap… do not forget to apply the sun blocker as you did with regards to the “fishing trip… remember the big $200 one that got away”… stay focused cause you still are compelled to go out on the wave runner… and then after that tie yourself to a ski boat and lose the ski’s and strap on a para-sail and get yanked at break-neck speed to get airborne… and just think about it for a minute… all of the aforementioned activities in this article are just within the first 24 hours of your arrival in Cancun and Cozumel.


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You still have 4 days and nights left slow down rethink it all, relax, and take a vacation for at least 3 of the 5 days. Remember 99% of the time you really get what you deserve, so while there go to the historical ruins and soak up some sun and the real Mexican culture… to get diverse the vacation you deserve.

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