facebook Adventure Vacations and Dangers To Think About When Visiting Australia

Adventure Vacations and Dangers To Think About When Visiting Australia

Adventure Vacations and Dangers To Think About When Visiting Australia

When you think about vacationing in Australia you think about travelling through this beautiful country from south to north on the Explores highway, climb the rim of Wilpena Pound or hike part of the Heysen Trail. Exploring Australia’s outback where the Aborigines live and where you can join a cattle muster or ride a camel in the desert.

If you like diving you can swim with the giant whale shark on Ningaloo Reef, enjoy the company of sea-lions and dolphins at Eyre Peninsula or learn how to dive at the Great Barrier Reef.

Other ways to spend your vacation is surfing at Australia’s famous surf beaches or canoeing and kayaking on Australia’s picturesque rivers, inlets and backwaters.

No matter what you decide to do you have to observe some security measures to make sure that your holiday will be one of the best of your life.

The sun in Australia is very strong and it is recommended that you always wear a hat and sunglasses and use sunscreen lotion even on cloudy days. It is advisable to stay inside during noon when the sun is strongest. It is recommendable to drink lots of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.


Bush Fires

From late spring to summer the danger of bushfires is very high. There are regular reports on TV, radio and newspapers about bushfire risks, so please check out the reports before going on a trip. Only use designated fireplaces and extinguish the fires completely with water. If there are fire bans please make sure to avoid any open fire in order to not provoke any spreading bushfires.

You will see red and yellow flags at the beaches which will show you the safest way to swim, avoiding the strong rip currents present. Lifesavers will be patrolling the beaches during the summer months from October through April. Some of the most popular beaches are patrolled during the whole year. When entering the water just observe the standard precautions like not swimming under the influence of alcohol, never swim alone or at night and wait a prudent time after a meal to enter the water.


Great Barrier Reef

Apart from the rip currents there is the possibility to meet marine stingers in the ocean from November to April, and diving or snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef should only be done with protective clothing. Listen to locals when enjoying the beach to avoid encounters with sharks and don’t swim during dusk and evening.



Crocodiles can be found in rivers and coastal estuaries across northern Australia. It is important to observe safety signs and avoid swimming in rivers, estuaries, tidal rivers, deep pools and mangrove shores. Always ask for advice before camping, fishing or boating to avoid meeting a crocodile.


Snakes & Spiders

If walking or hiking in the bush please make sure to wear protective footwear to avoid snake and spider bites. Antivenom is available for most bites, so if bitten seek medical attention at once.

Also avoid to walk alone, better hire a guide, especially if the hike is long and challenging. If you don’t want a local guide, let somebody know where you plan to go and when to expect you back. Always wear long sleeved shirts, a hat, protective footwear and sunscreen. Take enough water with you and a topographic map and avoid leaving the tracks.



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