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5 Places you Can’t Miss When Visiting Denmark

5 Places you Can’t Miss When Visiting Denmark

Every country has its special places which everybody has heard about and once you set foot in the country these are the first places you will look up and visit. We would like to offer you a list of 5 very special places you can’t miss when visiting Denmark.


1. Legoland

Who hasn’t played with Legos as a kid or even as an adult. Now imagine a whole park made of Legos, to be exact 60 million Lego bricks were used to build the beautiful towns and places in Miniland, or have your kids get their first driver’s license at the SEAT traffic school. Roller Coasters, submarines, boat rides or flying carpets are all part of the fun. Or you can bake bread at a campfire or look for gold in the Wild West. The original Legoland that was built in 1968 and is located in Billund, 150 miles from Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, in Jutland.


2. The Little Mermaid

If you read Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale or watched Disney’s movie, we are sure you are familiar with the Little Mermaid. After the story came out Fini Henriques composed the music to the ballet of the same title and Carl Jacobsen (brewer of the famous Carlsberg beer) asked Edvard Eriksen to create a little mermaid. Edvard Eriksen’s wife was the model for this sculpture and when it was finished, it was mounted at Langelinie in Copenhagen on August 23, 1913 as present from Mr. Jacobsen to the people of Copenhagen. The Little Mermaid has since been photographed, kissed, hugged and admired by millions of people from all over the world and has become a symbol of Denmark.


3. Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is probably one of the best known places in Denmark. The structure and property has been an old amusement park from 1843 and if you visit Copenhagen you will have to visit the Tivoli. The garden offers lots of different things like amusement park rides, activities and exhibits. Each mid-October, Tivoli is transformed into an enchanted Halloween-universe. Pumpkins, smiling scarecrows and funny witches entertain children of all ages and the best of all during Halloween all rides are open. In the winter it becomes a winter wonderland decorated with lights and mechanical elves and Christmas decor.


4. Christiania

The turbulent history of the free town began in 1971 when a group of Christianshavn locals climbed through the fences guarding an abandoned military area and set up a new hippie community, completely independent of the Danish government. In June 2011 Christiania bought the whole area from the state for DKK 76.5 million finally making the free town legal. There are about 1000 people living here and they now even have their own beer.

Up to one million tourists are visiting Christiania every year to experience the completely different lifestyle people are leading here. There are drugs for sale and people are asked not to take pictures. Artists are selling their crafts and there are quite a number of restaurants and bars at night.


5. The Oresund Bridge Connecting Denmark and Sweden

This scenic 10-mile bridge (16,4 km) connects Malmö and Copenhagen, carrying over 6,000 travelers by car or train everyday. The toll for driving across the Oresund bridge is paid at the toll station on the Swedish side.

In 1991, the governments of both Denmark and Sweden made the decision of building this huge project which included construction of a bridge, a tunnel (2.5 miles long / 4 km) and a new island where travelers go from tunnel-level (on the Danish side) to the level of the bridge and it was open on July 1, 2000.

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