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Unique Things to Do while in Denmark

Unique Things to Do while in Denmark

While there are places everybody knows about there are other places which don’t have the well-known names, but they are just as much worth visiting as the more famous locations.


1. Råbjerg Mile

Close to Skagen in North Jutland you’ll find the largest migrating dune in Northern Europe which was formed in the 16th century and has been shifting to the North East with up to 18 metres a year for the last 300 years. Raabjerg Mile can be reached form Kandestedvej and on bike from Vestkyststien or on foot from Raabjerg Church.


2. Labyrinthia

Do you like labyrinths? Then you will enjoy Labyrinthia located in East Jutland, just south of Silkeborg in the small village of Rodelund between Silkeborg and the “Himmelbjerget”. Labyrinthia has seven different outdoor mazes: A new 2,000 m² water maze with 900 roses and 12 sneaky computerised water gates, a 1,300 m² 3D maze, a copy of a stone Bronze Age Trojaborg labyrinth, a Chartres labyrinth in a medieval pattern, a mini-maze for children aged 2–7, a balance maze and a colour maze. And if you bring your pets there is even a dog maze available in Labyrinthia. In case of bad weather you can enjoy yourself solving more than 50 puzzles and brainteasers in the Cryptotheque.


3. Sail on a Viking Ship

Have you ever dreamed of living and traveling like a Viking? You can start to experience some of the adventure while sailing on Viking ships built according to the traditions of the old Nordic boat builders. There will be instructors on board to teach you how to row or set the sails and you will learn about the history of the area throughout the trip


4. Moesgård Viking Moot

The Viking Moot in Moesgård is an annual event, which takes place on the last weekend in July – the weekend closest to July 29, the feast day of St. Olaf. Vikings from all the world meet during this weekend and you can admire warriors and fierce horsemen, who show their skills on Saturday and Sunday at twelve and three o’clock. And if you want to try out your “Viking” skills you are welcome to partake in different activities offered for the visitors during this weekend. And if you want to bring back a souvenir from the times of the Vikings you will find many interesting articles, and craftsmen produce fine items of iron, wood, leather, silver, wool, amber, glass, willow, and many other materials.


5. Troll Forests

Everybody knows trolls, right? But have you ever been in a Troll Forest? The Troldeskoven will make you feel like living in a fairy tale. Many of the forests look much like they did thousands of years ago when early viking settlers roamed the land and visitors love the warped trees shaped by frost, wind, gnawing and dry-rot.


6. World Santa Claus Congress

The World Santa Claus Congress has taken place in the Dyrehavsbakken amusement park (usually shortened to Bakken) north of Copenhagen in Denmark since 1957. Every summer, Bakken is invaded by Santas from around the world who gather to spread good Christmas cheer, have fun and socialise with their peers. Created by Professor Tribini every July apart from Santas from Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and even Japan and Australia., Christmas pixies and elves are meeting to celebrate Christmas in July.

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