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Should You Spend Your Honeymoon in Denmark?

Should You Spend Your Honeymoon in Denmark?

Is Denmark the perfect honeymoon destination? Well, it depends on your preferences. If you are the type of person who wants to spend a honeymoon on a warm beach, then you should probably choose another destination. But if you and your partner love to explore, and you want to spend your honeymoon finding new things and getting in touch with new cultures, then Denmark is one of the destinations you should consider. Denmark is a state everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime.

Danes focus on equality, happiness, and environmental consciousness – traits essential for a new family. Your goals should be to have a happy family, to consider all the members of the family equal in rights, and to work for a healthier world for your children. Denmark is considered one of the happiest countries on the planet, so it is perfect for a honeymoon. What can you see when in Denmark? You can start with medieval castles, get lost on beautiful canals, explore rolling hills, and admire the modern architecture.

If you are looking for a destination that will blow your mind, then Denmark should be on the top of your list.


Why should you make Denmark your honeymoon destination?

If You Love Food, Then You Will Find Yourself in Paradise

Even if you are a healthy lifestyle addict, when in Denmark you will want to try some of their dishes. If you want something exquisite, for you and your significant other, then you should try the best restaurants in Copenhagen. But if you want to have a glimpse of the local food, then you can try it everywhere around the country. You can try some Nordic cuisine in the form of street food. It is simply delicious, so start with smørrebrød.


The Country is Rich in Culture

When traveling around the world, in trying to experience a foreign culture, you have to get tickets to exhibits and museums, especially if you are interested in history. But in Denmark you can get in touch with culture under different forms. You can experience it during a festival, a theatre play, a theatre musical, or in any other form. In Denmark, there are some of the most amazing festivals for food, fashion, film, and music in Scandinavia, so check when they will take place this year and plan your honeymoon then.


You Can Relax on the Beach

When we stated that Denmark is not the right destination for a beach savvy we wanted to highlight the fact that Denmark’ beaches are quite different from the ones from Hawaii. Here you can find some stretches of sands where you can relax, but they do not offer you the view of the ocean, but that of the mountains meeting the sea.


Denmark Makes You Active

If you thought that you are active persons, you will get more active if you travel to Denmark. If you are looking for extreme weather and landscape then Denmark is not the right country. Denmark is a region of mild outdoors and gentle countryside destinations. You can stay active and explore the beauty of nature.


Unique things you can do only in Denmark:

You can visit a building made entirely from LEGO bricks

Well, they are not the standard LEGO bricks made from plastic, but they look like if they are part of the famous game for children. You will have a lot of fun exploring the building, because there everyone can find an activity they like. The building is colored in red, blue and green shades, and it features three restaurants, nine play terraces and many other areas where you can have fun.


Have a Look at the Underwater Bridge

Everyone has seen the dramatic bridge from Denmark in pictures, but you have the possibility to explore it in person. If you consider that it has a breathtaking look above the water, wait to see it underwater. More than half of it is under the Baltic Sea. Cars go under the water and ships pass above. Isn’t it great? You will notice the bridge the moment you will prepare for landing at the Copenhagen Airport. You can also see how it disappears under the water if you are on the Copenhagen’s beach. Only for seeing this bridge, it is worth to have a Denmark Schengen visa appointment in London.


Sail on a Viking Boat

Are you a fan of the Viking TV series? Then you should book a ticket to sail on a Viking ship. You can have this opportunity at the Maritime Research Centre. If you have sailing experience, then you can even be an active member of the crew. You will have the possibility to admire the beauty of the fjords.


Listen to the Singing Trees

In Aalborg, you can listen to your favorite artist songs played by trees. Yes, you heard it right. In 1987, Cliff Richards planted a tree here after a concert, and around 80 artists followed his example. If you visit this destination you will have the possibility to enjoy the beauty of nature while listening to your favorite artist.

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