Tourism in Nicaragua: A Growing Trend

Tourism in Central America is in general a strongly growing trend. Countries like Belize, Panama and Costa Rica especially are prime examples of countries who have seen incredible growth in the past several decades. However, there is one country that is often overlooked when discussing the growing trend of tourism in Central America. This country is Nicaragua. Nicaragua has been bogged down for years with bad PR due to the Iran-Contra Scandal that topped American headlines during the 80s. However, the country has changed much since then, and now Nicaragua is a peaceful and prosperous nation. A large part of this prosperity is associated specifically with the growth of tourism in Nicaragua.


In 2015, Nicaragua welcomed 1.4 million foreign tourists into their borders. This resulted in $450 million in tourism-related revenue for the country. Tourism has been growing steadily for the past 2 decades in Nicaragua. In 1995, Nicaragua received only 281,000 foreign tourists. By the year 2000, that number had increased to 486,000 foreign tourists, and by 2005 that number had increased to 712,000 foreign tourists. Nicaragua finally broke the 1,000,000 foreign tourist mark in 2010 with 1,011,000 foreign tourists admitted, and now in 2015 it has reached 1,400,000 foreign tourists. Tourism is clearly a strong and growing industry for Nicaragua.


Prospects for the future are looking good as well. The president of Nicaragua’s Chamber of Tourism said that she believes in 2016 Nicaragua can increase international tourist arrivals by 10%, as well as increase foreign exchange earnings by 6%. Given Nicaragua’s recent history of strong tourism growth, these numbers seen very realistic. Consider as well that the World Travel and Tourism Council predicted an 8.8% increase in international tourist spending in Nicaragua over the next decade, and these numbers look even better. The Boston Globe even noted that Nicaragua is “one of the world’s top ten emerging destinations”.


This makes right now the perfect time to invest in Nicaragua. Investing in the tourism industry in Nicaragua can be an excellent way to capitalize on the growing trend of tourism in the country. Because Nicaragua is still in the earlier stages of growth, an investment in the country can pay off big time in the future. Other major tourist destinations in Central America, such as Costa Rica, have already gone though major growth periods, and while it is still profitable to invest in tourism in Costa Rica, it does not offer the same growth potential that Nicaragua does.


Nicaragua offers much in the way of tourism for foreigners. The country is blessed with natural beauty and an abundance of natural attractions. It is well known for its many lakes and volcanoes. Hiking up Nicaragua’s San Cristobal Volcano was recently listed by prominent travel website Lonely Planet as the number one travel experience for 2016. Nicaragua offers many other attractions for tourists, such as Laguna Apoyo, a picturesque volcanic lagoon located on a nature reserve in central Nicaragua. The delicious foods, Nicaragua is especially known for its coffee and beef, as well as the lively culture of Nicaragua all come together to make Nicaragua a top tourism destination.


The incredibly low cost of good eating in Nicaragua is another major factor which makes Nicaragua an attractive destination for tourists. Restaurant prices are on average 53% lower in Nicaragua than they are in the United States, and prices of groceries are on average 41% lower. High quality foods such as filet mignon, which would typically run about $20/lb in the United States, can be purchased for as little as $4.50/lb in Nicaragua.


There are a select few companies who have realized this growing trend of tourism in Nicaragua, and who have begun to set up an infrastructure for it. Resorts such as Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort, located on Nicaragua’s west coast approximately an hour from the capital, have set themselves up as premiere destinations for those tourists looking to spend some time relaxing oceanside. They offer full-sized homes and condos which give all of the amenities that North American tourists demand.


Investing in real estate at Gran Pacifica can be an excellent way to take advantage of the growing tourism industry in Nicaragua. The value of real estate in Nicaragua is projected to grow, and specifically the value of real estate usable for the tourism industry. This means that an investment in real estate at Gran Pacifica can be an excellent way to see great returns on your real estate investment. Investing in a growing industry, in a growing country certainly seems like a smart move.


In addition, investing in real estate in Nicaragua is an excellent way to add serious diversification to your financial assets. Owning foreign real estate truly does offer the most comprehensive diversification one can imagine. Because it is foreign real estate, you can hedge against any sort of financial calamity that may occur in your home country. In addition, owning a hard asset, like real estate, is an incredibly sound and stable way to preserve your wealth. The value of real estate will never reach zero. Especially real estate such as that at Gran Pacifica, which is part of a growing company that operates within the growing tourism industry of Nicaragua, this real estate is a very solid investment and is very likely to retain, or even more likely to increase its value overtime.


If you are interested in investing in the strong, growing industry of tourism in Nicaragua, then now is an excellent time to do so. Investing in real estate in Nicaragua is an excellent way to take advantage of the growing tourism industry in this country, as well as add some serious diversification to your investments. Real estate is available for purchase right now at Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort. You are able to contact Gran Pacifica’s CEO directly by clicking here if you want to learn more about the opportunities available to you.