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Basics Of The Nicaragua Reforestation Residency Visa

Basics Of The Nicaragua Reforestation Residency Visa

The best and most efficient second residency in 2018 is the Nicaragua reforestation residency visa. It’s the fastest path to citizenship, get’s you permanent residency immediately (no waiting around for years on a temporary visa), and is one of the lowest cost programs available. Here’s how to qualify for the Nicaragua reforestation residency visa.

First, I should point out that the Nicaragua reforestation residency visa program is open to everyone. This includes citizens of the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, China, India, etc. Anyone can apply for residency and citizenship from Nicaragua.

This compares favorably to other counties. For example, Panama’s friendly nations visa program is only open to those from the top 50 countries. While US and UK citizens can get in, those from China and India are locked out.

So long as you can pass the background check, and prove you have no criminal history, Nicaragua will open its doors to you.

Second, the minimum investment is low compared to other comparable second residency and second passport programs. You can apply for residency with an investment of $35,000 into Nicaragua’s reforestation program.

And this is an investment, not a cost. You’ll receive a plot of teak trees, title to the land, and a nice return on your investment.

Fees for legal and government filing are additional. For US, EU and UK citizens, they run about $850 per person. Those from other countries might pay more for your background check and for an entry visa. Therefore, fees can vary depending on your current passport.

And the Nicaragua reforestation visa is fast. You’ll get your permanent residency about 90 days after submitting a complete application.

What’s important here is that you get permanent residency from day one. No waiting around and refiling every year to maintain temporary residency. You become a permanent part of Nicaragua the day you file.

This means your residency can’t be taken away from you for any reason. If you have issues in your country of citizenship, or your passport is revoked by the IRS, you still have a home in Nicaragua. You have a permanent escape hatch no matter what happens in your home country.

Residency in Nicaragua is fast… so is citizenship and a second passport. You can apply for your citizenship after being a resident for 2 years. With citizenship comes an excellent passport that gives you visa free access to 110 countries including the EU and the Schengen region.

  • Nicaragua doesn’t get you into the United States or Canada visa free. Only a passport from Malta, which requires an investment of $1.2 million, includes the United States.

For all of these reason, the Nicaragua reforestation visa is the best option for a second residency. Here’s the only catch: you will need to put in some work to get this visa.

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Nicaragua requires you to spend 183 days a year in the country to maintain your residency. Because you can apply for citizenship after 2 years, this means you’ll need to be in the country for 12 of 24 months while you’re a resident.

After 2 years of residency, you will become a citizen with all the rights of someone born in Nicaragua. Once you have your passport in hand, you need not spend any amount of time in the country… you can spend as much or as little time as you like in Nicaragua after you become a citizen.

I should point out that you must be in Nicaragua immediately after filing your residency application. You should spend at least 30 days in country after filing your application to prove your domicile and intent to become a part of the community. Immigration officials will check up on you.

If you’re ready to apply for residency in Nicaragua under the reforestation program, here are the documents you’ll need to provide the following:

  • Complete our questionnaire.
  • Describe your marital status, profession, country of citizenship and country of residence;
  • Scanned color copy of your passport and your local ID (cedula, driver license, etc.);
  • Birth certificate. (Authenticated);
  • Police record issued by the local police of your country of citizenship origin or of country where you’ve lived for the past 3 years. (Authenticated);
  • Health certificate. (Authenticated);
  • Four color, passport sized pictures (clean white background);
  • Duly registered deed of Nicaraguan real estate purchase and sales deed (provided by the licensed reforestation farm)
  • Copy of the Investment Registry Certificate issued by the Economic Ministry
    (provided by the licensed reforestation farm).

Note that your passport must have at least 6 months of validity left when you apply for residency.  

I hope you’ve found this article on the basics of the Nicaragua reforestation residency visa to be helpful. For more information, please contact us HERE, we can introduce you to a licensed reforestation expert and a local attorney who will process your visa.


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