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The Adventure Continues

Petra, Jordan. This is where I am right now. You read about it in East of the Dead Sea last December.

In a few days, we’ll be exploring The Hidden Holy Land – which you read about last January.

Then, it’s off to Nepal to run the Himalaya Helicopter Expedition – the link is to a spectacular photo-essay the Daily Mail had on it l

Finally, there’s Islands of Mystery and Legend – Easter Island and Pitcairn Islandyou read about those last January as well.

All of this is to explain why I have to take a hiatus from writing my Escape Artist column for you until I get back in early June.

There’s a lot more that my company, Wheeler Expeditions, will be doing the rest of the year – Indian Tibet, an exploration of all Five Stans of Central Asia, another Dolce Vita Portugal, and one more Himalaya Helicopter Expedition.

Be sure and sign up to get details about all of these and a lot more. In the meantime… The Adventure Continues

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Jack Wheeler is the founder of Wheeler Expeditions.

©2019 Jack Wheeler – republished with permission

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