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All You Need to Know About Croatia

All You Need to Know About Croatia

Croatia was always a tourist-friendly country, and it developed a lot over the past few years. This country drew a lot of attention from many international tour operators who have been trying to promote it in different ways. In their vision, this country is seen as a place with luxury hotels and sunny beaches, but this description is wrong – because Croatia is more than that. Croatia is that magical place which takes you back in time and then again into the future. It’s a place of wonder and the living proof that civilization can blend with nature in a harmonious way. The only way to understand the real beauty of Croatia is to visit for yourself. Below, we have provided a list of the country’s main attractions that make it such a wonderful place.

1) Zagreb

If you want to visit Croatia, why not start right from its capital. The city is full of historic vestiges, restaurants, shopping centers, and an amazing nightlife. You can spend an entire day sightseeing this amazing city and it won’t be enough. In the Upper Town, you will be able to see some amazing buildings, like the St Mark’s Church, Kamenita vrata, Lotrscak Tower, and many others. However, you shouldn’t forget about the Lower Town, because it hosts some amazing sites too. The Lower Town is filled with different museums or art galleries, which will help you to fully understand Croatia’s culture and rich history. 


St. Mark’s Church, Zagreb;


Jelacic Square, Zagreb

 2) Plitvice Lakes 

If you’re tired of crowded cities and want to enjoy a more peaceful environment, mother nature will always welcome you. Plitvice Lakes is a national park consisting of sixteen interconnecting waterfalls. The park also provides shelter for different fauna and flora species. Many of them are unique, and you won’t see them anywhere else in the world. You can always rent a boat and admire the park from the water. Even if it sounds like a summer destination, Plitvice Lakes is very popular even during the winter months. There is a ski resort nearby, and seeing the whole park covered in snow provides an amazing landscape. 


Plitvice Lakes

3) Split

Split is another iconic city in which the past successfully blends with present. Split’s development started in the 4th century, once the Romans arrived there. According to the legend, the Roman Emperor Diocletian fell in love with Split’s natural wonders, so he decided to build a retirement house here. Diocletian’s Palace is still there, available for anyone who wants to discover its secrets. The palace is now part of UNESCO’s World Heritage and it’s considered by many to be a true architectural treasure. Time has been kind to the palace, and it is still living proof of opulence and splendor, ready to reveal its secrets, for whoever visits it. The cobble streets will take you to many other impressive places, like Marjan Hill or Split Cathedral of St. Domnius.


Diocletian’s Palace, Split

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4) Hvar

You don’t have to go to the tropics if you want to spend your vacation on a sunny island. Croatia has plenty of them, and one of the most iconic is Hvar. The island is very easy to reach by local transportation. This island is known as the warmest and the sunniest place in Croatia. If you want to sunbathe while admiring some really unique landscapes, this is the right place. Hvar is  also known for its lavender crops, which grow around the beaches and provide an amazing aromatic smell. So what could be more amazing than sunbathing on a sunny beach, with the Adriatic Sea in background, enjoying some natural aromatherapy? 




hvar-lavanderLavander; Photo credit: hvarinfo.com

5) Dubrovnik

We couldn’t talk about Croatia without mentioning its “Pearl of the Adriatic.” Dubrovnik impresses by its architectural and natural wonders, and it’s understandable why it is so visited every year by thousands of tourists. The Old Town is the most iconic place to visit, and even if it’s only one mile long, you will always have new things to explore and admire here. Dubrovnik is imposing and charming at the same time, providing a mythical atmosphere. That’s why the producers of “Game of Thrones,” the most successful TV series ever, decided to film many of their scenes here. 




Lovrijenac Fortress, Dubrovnik

 Croatia doesn’t need expensive commercials or advertising campaigns, because it’s promoting itself by what it has to offer. Its natural wonders, as well as the historical and cultural ones, will provide the best visiting experience for every tourist. Prepare yourself for a life changing adventure, and visit Croatia as soon as you get the chance.

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