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Miscellaneous Thoughts about Traveling in Nicaragua

There are many things to think about when traveling to a foreign country you never have been to. So we would like to give you a few ideas on what to expect when traveling to Nicaragua to offer some general information about this beautiful country.

To enter the country you will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. Tourists from North America and many countries in Europe only need a Tourist Card ($10) which they can purchase on arrival. The Tourist Card is valid for 90 days and extensions may be given.

Once in Nicaragua you will need transportation to get to your hotel or move around the country. Unless you rent a car or have friends driving you around you will probably have to use public transportation. There are the Chicken buses. They are old yellow school buses most owners have painted in beautiful colours and motives. Every bus is different and it is quite an experience to travel in one. The fair is really cheap and you can get almost anywhere you need to go on those buses, but they are very hot and very packed.

Another option is the Expresso bus. While the chicken bus stops wherever people want to get on, the Expresso is supposed to stop at only a few bus stops. And the buses are less packed, a little more comfortable and some even have air conditioning

Taxis are usually shared in Nicaragua. The taxi fare is usually fixed, so just ask before getting into the car how much you will be charged.

So what is the best time to visit Nicaragua? Rainy season or dry season? .It all depends what you are looking for. The dry season is during the cold winter months in Europe, USA and Canada, so if you want sun and enjoy the beach, the dry season is right for you. There will be less mosquitos due to the dry wind and little humidity, traveling is easier, as the roads are dried up and you don’t have to struggle through mud and trying to avoid potholes in knee deep water. And if you like surfing, the months April to June have the best waves to enjoy.

During the rainy season all plants, that were dry and sad in the previous months are now coming alive again. Everything starts to bloom and nature is just at its best. All these flowers and fruits will bring out beautiful butterflies and birds to feed on them. The beaches will be empty as you never know when the next rain shower hits and the water will be nice and warm. So if you don’t mind some rain (luckily it never rains the whole day, showers can last up to one hour and then the sun comes out again) the rainy season may be the perfect time for you to come to Nicaragua.

You should avoid drinking tap water and preferably buy bottled water to be on the safe side. Local restaurants will offer you a variety of the same food, rice, beans and corn, meat and seafood, all for much less you would pay in the USA or Europe. If you get tired of the same menu, you will have to look for restaurants owned by foreigners for a change of diet.

Enjoy your time in Nicaragua!

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