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Is Mexico Right For You?

Mexico is home to more American expats than any other country in the world

What To Know Before Packing Up and Moving To Mexico

Americans are moving to Mexico at a record pace (they probably aren’t the only ones). Mexico City is the top destination in the country as remote work beckons. Granted, one of the largest cities in the world is not for everyone, but there are many options. Mexico is a big country.

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Requests for temporary resident status in Mexico have increased 85 percent above 2019 levels. Mexico granted 8,412 temporary resident permits over the first three quarters of this year, whereas in the same period in 2019, they granted 4,550. Grants of Mexican permanent residency are up 48 percent at 5,418 in the same period.

Why are Americans moving to Mexico at a record pace?

I have a good idea, as I can relate. I am not an American, but as a Canadian, I’m sure many reasons are similar. Fewer pandemic restrictions and affordability are likely at the top of the list.

I became a temporary resident of Mexico in May 2022, an exciting and liberating day. Here are my top three reasons for choosing Mexico residency:


If you would have told me before March 2020 that I would move to Mexico for freedom, I would have thought you blew a cog. Mexico was the first country to open borders after the “pandemic” ravaged the world. Mexico hardly shut down to begin with, and being in the travel industry at the time, I paid attention. Country after country, borders slammed shut and stayed shut. Mexico became a beacon of light in the darkness. They were the freest country in the world.

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The Lake Chapala area of Mexico has the second-best climate on the planet. Even during the rainy season, the weather is near perfect. It rains at night or in the morning, the skies clear, and there is nothing but sunshine for the rest of the day. The hot and dry season has temperatures hovering near 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), but it feels hotter due to the high elevation. This season lasts from April to May. June brings the rain to cool off the area and green up the hills. Lake Chapala has constant temperatures and a cooler climate than the hotter coasts of Mexico.

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Moving to this area of Mexico meant my husband and I could have a life again. We eat out three times a week without breaking the bank. We were fortunate if we ate out once a month in Canada. Honestly, it’s like buy-one-get-one-free whenever we go out. The average cost of a fine-dining meal for two in Ajijic, including a glass of wine and a beer, will cost about USD$20.

Fresh food markets are abundant in the lake towns where you can load up a couple of bags of produce to last more than a week for an average of USD$7-$10. It is true. Add in fresh chicken, a dozen free-range eggs, cheese, and empanadas, and add another USD$10. $20 for a week of groceries isn’t too shabby.

Gas prices barely increased from the time we arrived in Mexico in December 2021 until we flew to the Azores in October 2022. It was 22.30 pesos (MXN) per litre (that is USD$4.39 per gallon) in December. When we left, it was MXN$22.85 per litre. To put that into perspective, the currency conversion is MXN$20 = USD$1.03. A dramatic increase of about three cents a litre in ten months.

Putin is not the reason for the skyrocketing gas prices in Canada and the U.S. Your government is to blame.

Our monthly rent on a gorgeous 2-bedroom condo is USD$950 and includes internet, water, and a gardener. Electricity is a whopping USD$10 for every two months. Gas (propane) is around USD$77, and that will last close to six months. Our housekeeper charges USD$12.50 for about two and a half hours of cleaning once a week.

How is your wallet faring over Justinflation and Bidenomics? Are you eating out as you please, buying all the fresh food you can carry, plus having someone clean your house AND you still have money left over at the end of the month?

Get a Second Residency or Citizenship

Conditions are not going to improve in Canada or the United States anytime soon. Now is the time to explore the countries you are interested in moving to. Mexico isn’t for everyone, but it sure is for me. Mexico was the first country to open its arms and welcome me with an amnesty visa, and for that, I am profoundly grateful. Read about our experience obtaining this visa in a special report on the Escape Artist store.

There are so many options for second residency and citizenship by investment. If you are serious about getting out of Dodge, check out our experts’ page to see if you are ready to take the next step. It boils down to your needs, wants, and desires when choosing another country. We can help you make the best decisions to start your expat lifestyle.

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