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Investment Opportunities by Sector in Australia

Investment Opportunities by Sector in Australia

The Australian Government welcomes foreign investment. As the Australian Government’s investment promotion agency, Austrade works to inform investors about growth opportunities in five areas which play to our strengths, jointly agreed by Australian and State and Territory Governments:

  • Agribusiness and food
  • Major infrastructure
  • Tourism infrastructure
  • Resources and energy
  • Advanced manufacturing, services and technology

Within advanced manufacturing, services and technology, Austrade focuses on highlighting growth opportunities for investment in Australian medical and materials sciences and technologies, and digital technologies.



As the world’s eighth largest national tourism market Australia offers significant opportunities for investment in tourism infrastructure.

Located in the world’s strongest tourism region, in the Asia-Pacific, Australia has a top performing tourism sector with strong revenue from hotel accommodation, high occupancy rates, expanding aviation capacity and strong growth in visitors forecast from emerging Asian markets.


Major Infrastructure

Australia’s growing and resilient economy, increasing population and open trade networks provide a world-class environment for companies to finance, build, own and operate infrastructure assets.

Opportunities exist to apply state-of-the-art technologies and construction expertise to new projects, for upgrading existing infrastructure and investing across all stages of the asset life cycle, ranging from start-up to asset ownership and operation.


Agribusiness and Food

As one of the world’s leading agricultural producers, renowned for safe, healthy and high quality food, Australia is located close to markets in Asia that are driving growing global demand.

Australia offers investors high quality raw inputs and the skills and capabilities needed to undertake world-class research and development and food processing.

Global investors in food and agriculture will find unparalleled opportunities in Australia to service the demand from fast-growing consumer markets for new and innovative premium food products.


Resources and Energy

Australia’s world-class resources and energy sectors attract investment from around the globe. In Australia investors will find a stable and efficient regulatory environment, intellectual property protection, a highly skilled and multi-lingual workforce, and a strong culture of innovation.

Australia has significant reserves of mineral and primary energy resources including iron ore, coal, gas, uranium, wind and solar. This abundance underpins Australia’s position as a major global exporter of minerals and energy resources and products.

Australia’s resources sector is in a period of significant growth as it moves from the investment phase to the production phase of the mining boom. As major projects are completed, the iron ore, coal and LNG sectors will experience a large-scale ramp-up in production capacity.


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Digital Economy and ICT

Australia’s fast-growing and highly advanced digital economy, supported by a skilled information and communication technologies (ICT) workforce and world-class research and development (R&D) facilities, offers compelling investment opportunities.

Some of the world’s leading companies have already chosen Australia as a strategic location for investing in ICT, R&D and as a base for connecting with the Asia-Pacific region.

Australia’s economic and research strengths, when combined with robust cyber-security, privacy and intellectual property laws and generous R&D tax incentives, make our country an attractive destination for investment.


Medical Science and Technologies

Excellent research facilities, world-class scientists, and a strong but flexible regulatory regime are qualities that have made Australia a global leader in medical science and technologies, offering breakthrough research solutions and partnership opportunities.

From the medical use of penicillin and cochlear implants to more recent breakthroughs in cervical cancer and the bionic eye, Australia has a proven track record and is a world-leading destination for medical research including in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and clinical trials.


Materials Science and Technologies

With high-quality research institutions, specialist research and problem solving skills and strong capabilities in materials science and technologies, Australia offers global companies a proven track record and the opportunity to develop the materials of the future.

Australia’s integrated research infrastructure and collaborative research models makes it a preferred research partner, both in established European and US markets and across Asia.



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