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Denmark is the Perfect Hub

Denmark is the Perfect Hub

Denmark provides an ideal hub to Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea Region and Northern Europe with next day delivery access to approximately 100 million wealthy consumers.

Denmark has a well-functioning and well-developed infrastructure, allowing you to operate easily by air, sea and land.

From Copenhagen and the surrounding Øresund Region you are within 5 hour access of more than 46 million people giving you an immediate advantage compared to e.g. the corresponding 18 million people accessed from Stockholm.


The best airport in Europe

Copenhagen Airport is the main hub to the Nordic and Baltic countries. Besides Copenhagen, Denmark has three other international airports in Aalborg, Aarhus and Billund, all located on the peninsula of Jutland.

Copenhagen Airport is located only 8 km from the Copenhagen city centre and accessible by car, metro, train and bus. Furthermore, the airport is situated in the very centre of the Øresund Region.

In 2013, the Air Transport Research Society ranked Copenhagen Airport the best airport in Europe for the eighth time in ten years. More than 60 airlines operate from the airport and serve more than 100 destinations. The new “Swift” Terminal is expected to increase both the number of airlines and destinations.

Copenhagen Airport is both SAS’ principal airport and DHL’s Northern European hub. Copenhagen Airport handles approximately 350,000 tons of airfreight each year and has the shortest goods transit times of all European airports.


Superb logistics

The high-quality highway system means swift and easy access to all markets in the Northern European region. Since the opening of the Great Belt Bridge in 1998 and the Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden in 2000, Denmark has been the natural and most efficient gateway to Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic area.

There are also two interlinked and supplementing Danish logistics clusters in East and West Denmark each offering an extensive variety of logistics facilities, value added services and a large number of services providers.


A comprehensive port system

With 75 percent of its exports being shipped by sea, it is no surprise that Denmark has developed a comprehensive port system of approx. 25 ports with frequent international shipments. More than 64 million tonnes of international goods are loaded and unloaded at Danish ports every year. The major industrial ports offer daily connections to overseas destinations and regular connections to major ports in Europe, freeport and bonded warehousing facilities and ro-ro / lo-lo facilities.

The international port in Copenhagen has a 24-hour service and the shortest turnaround times plus some of the most competitive rates in Europe. Merged with the port of Malmö in Sweden in 2001, the port is one of the largest in Northern Europe and the gateway to the entire Baltic Region and the European continent.


Extensive rail network

Denmark has frequent international cargo train departures through the European rail network from central Europe to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The Danish rail network is undergoing a major upgrade which will make Denmark the first European country to deploy the future EU standard, ERTMS rail signalling system on a full national scale during 2009 – 2021.

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Source: http://www.investindk.com/Why-Denmark/A-perfect-hub

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