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Citizenship By Investment – A Desire To Stay Global

There are many reasons to invest in a second citizenship

Many Countries Worldwide Offer Citizenship By Investment Programs

Citizenship is the relationship between an individual and a nation state whereby the state grants the citizen certain rights, such as the right to vote, work and own property, and in return the citizen accepts the responsibility of upholding the laws and customs of that state.   Citizenship by investment affords an individual greater freedoms.   Our team has years of experience with these programs, and is ready to guide and assist you  Contact us today!

Invest in your future

There are many reasons to invest in a second citizenship, from personal safety to increased global mobility.

Citizenship by investment programs attract a number of high net worth individuals in developing nations, looking to add a second passport in their investment portfolio. A second passport provides a greater mobility along with visa free travel freedom.  Our legal team has years of experience providing residence and citizenship by investment solutions.

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As more people are willing to move countries for opportunity and stability, anti-immigration policies and tightened borders are prompting significant interest in second citizenship among the increasing number of internationally mobile community.

Buying Citizenship or Residency

The most common way of getting a passport in a country is typically through being born there, but there are a bunch of countries that will also consider you because of your ancestry, if you marry someone from that country, give birth to a child in that country, live in a place for enough time, or simply through money.

Investment Methods

The popular “investment methods” are to purchase real estate, purchase a business, deposit large amounts of money in the local banks, or invest is development projects.

Is this something that people other than the uber rich are considering, and for reasons other than tax optimization? In a globalized world where political isolationism is paradoxically on the rise, this freedom of movement is an attractive element of such schemes.

Investment citizenship programs are not new. They’ve been around for decades, primarily as a way for countries to boost their incomes. Canada and the Caribbean island of St Kitts and Nevis started theirs in the 1980s and the US and UK began similar ones in the 1990s.  Programs that offer passports in return for investment have financial integrity risks that must be managed.

Wealthy, private investors from emerging market economies are driving the trend, according to The International Monetary Fund.  A second passport has many benefits, such as the ability to travel freely without visas and flee political persecution, conflict, or civil unrest. It can offer attractive tax and wealth management benefits, too. Usually citizens from autocratic countries, where the rule of law is weak, are the most anxious to obtain a golden passport.Common Requirements

Each country has a different set of requirements that applicants must fulfill for its citizenship by investment program. For example, some programs require medical examinations and proof of good health, while others do not. However, some requirements are common to all such programs:

  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • Show the legal source of the investment funds.
  • Invest in one of the government-approved options, such as real estate, government bonds or a national economic fund.

All requirements must be met in order for citizenship applications to be approved by the host government.

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Ultimately the bestowal of citizenship is a government’s sovereign decision.   Many countries offer citizenship by investment programs in order to attract much-needed foreign direct investment. Countries can then use these funds to invest in their own projects, such as real estate development, business development and job creation. These programs also attract global talent and know-how aimed at boosting the economy.   The number of these programs is constantly increasing as more and more countries realize the economic advantages of opening their doors to immigrant investors.

Second citizenship has become an essential requirement for many families. Let us help you achieve your goals.

Contact us to learn more about our world-class Citizenship-by investment advisory services.

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