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The Best Countries To Study And Work In

The Best Countries To Study And Work In

Finding a part-time job of your interest and expertise while studying abroad can be of great help financially as well as educationally. While you earn some extra dollars to put in your pocket you also get a chance to build your credibility and develop other skills like language and social skills that help you establish a decent standing in the market.

Students seek out the best place to pursue their studies overseas and even further their university experience so that when it comes to fetching a job for themselves, recruiters prefer them over others due to their proactive ways of adding to their portfolio. Here are a few places you can explore around the globe to gain that competitive advantage!

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1. United States


In the US if you are lucky enough to have acquired your F-1 visa you automatically qualify for having the permission to work on-campus for a maximum of 20 hours on a weekly basis during the study period and 40 hours during the vacation period.

This visa is granted to international students who wish to pursue a full-time program in a high school, language school, or university. Working on-campus entails working only for those institutions that you are affiliated with, irrespective of whether it is carried within the institutional premises or not. Those enterprises that provide services to your institute also come under the umbrella of entities that you can work for.

However, with your F-1 visa, you may not be granted permission to work off-campus, for which you may need to apply for the permit of the Immigration Services of the United States.


2. United Kingdom


The UK houses one of the most reputable universities and although the fee structure might be quite exorbitant and weigh you down with student debt, there is always an option for applying for scholarships.

Students strive with all their might to work out a schedule that will do justice to both their studies and job. Only a Tier 4 Visa will guarantee you a work permit in the UK.

The institution in which you are enrolled and the course that you have taken up greatly determines the type of work permit that you get. The usual 10-20 hours per week is permitted during the study period and up to 40 hours during the vacation.

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3. Australia


To be able to qualify to work working in Australia you need to have a student visa and based on that your number of hours is decided. The ‘Permission to Work’ is granted under your student visa and allows students to work for as long as 40 hours every two weeks and an unlimited number of hours during vacations.

Your working conditions and minimum wage per hour is decided by your employer as per the government rules, regulations, and policies. You should research beforehand to know the minimum wage so that you cannot let injustice happen to you in any case.

Australian universities are ranked amongst the top hundred for university academic rankings and being scarcely populated accommodates many newcomers with a sunny face and academic success.

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