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5 Reasons to Work Abroad

So, you’ve finally graduated from college and you’re looking for a job. Maybe you’re bored of your current job and you need a change. Relocating can always be a way to start fresh, meet new people, and try new things. Enjoy this article: 5 Reasons to Work Abroad.

I wasn’t too sure if working in Belize was going to be right for me at first. I had just graduated and didn’t think I was going to be ready, but I found that once I jumped in, the perks that came along with the adventure showed immediately.

The excitement of a job abroad can be motivating and an incredible learning experience. The thought of leaving the comfort of home and the people you love may sound daunting, but the advantages of this journey are worth it.


1. It Could Help Your Career

Traveling to a new country and working in a field you’ve been studying can open your eyes to how things operate in various parts of the world. This real-life, global experience will widen your skill set and could prove to be a vital tool in moving forward with your career. You will learn things abroad you’ve never been given the chance to learn back home. Working overseas changes the context in which you work and view the world.

If you plan on returning home after a while, the international experience will be a solid resume addition.

If you’re looking to try something new, traveling is a great way to do that as well. You may find yourself doing things you’ve never thought you’d be doing. Moving abroad may also show employers or future employers your ability to be flexible and take risks, while showing that you are also adventurous.

5 Reasons to Work Abroad

2. Gain Independence

When I had the opportunity to move to Belize for three months, I was excited to break the cycle I had fallen into at college of relying on a meal plan to eat and a gaggle of friends to occupy my time. When I returned home from graduation, I felt like I was back in high school living with my parents. But when the day arrived for me to head to Belize, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that sudden change. I hadn’t been that far from home before, but I surprised myself with how much independence I gained since I arrived.

You may have to find a place to live, cook, and make important decisions on your own. Finding a job and doing all of this on your own abroad can be a huge challenge, but in the end it will prove your independence.


3. Experience A New Culture

Not only do you learn life lessons and help your career, there are also personal perks of working abroad. You’d be in a new country, after all. There is so much to learn. You’ll get to talk to new people and learn about new cultures. No matter where you find yourself, there will be food, customs, and experiences you’ve never had before. You will see beautiful places that you couldn’t imagine otherwise!


4. Learn Life Skills Quickly

Living in a new culture, you learn as you go. You can do your research, but you’re not truly going to understand unless you are thrown into it. These learning experiences can increase your problem solving skills by taking you out of your comfort zone. Living abroad also teaches you how to prioritize. You can’t pack up everything you own and take it on a plane. I had to quickly learn what I could live without and take only the essentials.

5 Reasons to Work Abroad

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You may find yourself learning skills that are just fun to have. One strange skill I’ve acquired in Belize is quickly and automatically cutting numbers in half. Since the exchange rate is $1 USD to $2 BZD, I’m constantly taking prices and splitting them in half so I know how much money I’m spending.


5. Do It While You Can

When will you ever have the opportunity to do something like this again?

If you’ve just graduated college, now is the perfect time to travel. Once you begin working with a company, it may become harder and harder to just pack up and go to a new place for a while. Also, as you get older, you have more responsibilities. Now is the time to roam and try new things.

You may be lucky enough to be one of the people who works for a company that is asking you to go abroad. This opportunity doesn’t happen very often. The advantages of working abroad are worth the risk.

I hope you got value from my article on 5 Reasons to Work Abroad.  If you have any questions, please contact our office HERE.

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