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International Real Estate Advertising

NOW OFFERING – Own Your Own Market

Since 1997, EscapeArtist.com (EA) has been one of the world’s oldest and most authoritative international real estate, living, moving, retiring, and investing websites on the internet.

Since December of 2018 EscapeArtist Real Estate (EARE) is now being run by real estate professionals – so we understand your needs as real estate professionals. In order to meet the needs of our growing clientele, we have compiled a variety of options for you or your company to market your properties and/or real estate services.

Here are our regular international real estate advertising prices:

Listings Package             Listings        Featured          Price

STANDARD                                   1                    0                     $15.00

STANDARD 2 PACK                    2                    0                     $30.00

FEATURED                                    1                    1                     $75.00

FEATURED 2 PACK                      2                    2                   $120.00

SILVER                                           4                    1                     $90.00

GOLD                                            6                    2                   $140.00

PROFESSIONAL                         15                    3                   $200.00

We offer your own freestanding pages to showcase your market, brokerage services, and properties. There are 3 types of Market Pages:

1.) Broker Pages – Non Exclusive to Market
2.) City Market Pages – Exclusive to City Market
3.) Country Market PagesExclusive to Country Market

Other than the Broker Pages these are exclusive relationships per city or country market area. No one else will be able to have freestanding pages in your area.

(However, we cannot restrict general listings for your market area on paid listings. This, in fact, helps you in the search engines – the more listings on the site, the more traffic will come to EARE. Those listings will then drive traffic to your authoritative pages for those markets areas.)

1.) Broker Page International Real Estate Advertising – Non Exclusive to MarketOnly $499 per Year:

  • Free Standing Broker Page with Contact Form
  • All of Your Listings in One Place:
    • 40 Basic Listings ($600 Value)
    • 10 Featured Listings ($750 Value)

2.) City Market International Real Estate Advertising Package – Exclusive per City Only $1,999 per Year:

  • Free Standing City Market Page with Contact Form
  • Free Standing Broker Page with Contact Form ($399 Value)
    • All of Your Listings in One Place
    • 50 Basic Listings ($750 Value)
    • 25 Featured Listings ($1,875 Value)
  • No other Broker Pages allowed in your City Market

3.) Country Market International Real Advertising Package Exclusive per CountryOnly $2,999 per Year:

  • 1 Free Standing Country Market Page with Contact Form
  • Unlimited Free Standing City Market Pages with Contact Form ($1,199 Value)
  • 1 Free Standing Broker Page Per City with Contact Form
  • All of Your Listings in One Place
    • 100 Basic Listings ($1,500 Value)
    • 50 Featured Listings ($3,750 Value)
  • No other Broker Pages allowed in your Country Market
  • No other City Pages allowed in your Country Market

Sorry – but the following international real estate advertising markets have already been taken:

City Markets:

  • Colombia – Cartagena
  • USA – Orlando, Florida

Country Markets:

  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador – Salinas and the Coast are Available
  • Honduras

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