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Dubai Metro

Dubai: The View From Inside, Part 1

As the insider’s guide, it is important to note that Dubai is an incredible city and is the pacesetter for...
Seoul Nightlife

The Underbelly of South Korea: A Woman’s View

Perfect bodies, diamante-trimmed thongs, contortionist-like moves… This was the initial visual picture that my mind generated when I heard about...
Yachts At Dubai Marina

Living in Dubai: An EscapeArtist Quick Take

Living in Dubai Religion and Daily Life Even though Dubai is governed by Islamic law, it is a very tolerant...
Luxurious house on tropical shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Guatemala: Arriving and Setting Up Your Residence

The hotels most used by north Americans in Guatemala City are the Camino Real, El Dorado, and Guatemala Fiesta, all...
St. Brynach's Church and cottages

Living in Ireland: An EscapeArtist Quick Take

Living in Ireland Public and Private Healthcare If you are a European Union (EU)/EEA/Swiss national or if you are normally...
Back view of young family looking to the sea in Mexico beach

Building Your New Life in Mexico

Living in Mexico For a long time Mexico has been one of the top expat destinations for living and retiring...
Typical Bermuda home of cement construction and stucco finish.

Living in Bermuda: An EscapeArtist Quick Take

Living and Working in Bermuda Becoming a citizen of Bermuda It is not possible for  foreigners to obtain citizenship in...
Castle Combe

Living in Great Britain: An EscapeArtist Quick Take

Living in Great Britain Cost of Living Once you have to decided to move to Great Britain you have to...
Silvas Interviews Guerrero

A Belizean Mayor’s Advice for Expats

Excerpted from Domingo Silvas’ November 2013 interview with Daniel Guerrero, Mayor of San Pedro, Belize. “In the county of Belize,...


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