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Photo source: New College of Florida

“Mosquito Coast” Animals Find a Home at Belize Zoo

In this episode of Belize Talk Radio, host Macarena Rose takes us  to the Belize Zoo to meet its founder...
Outrigger on Boracay beach

Boracay Unplugged

This is the third article in Tanja’s four-part series entitled “The Quest for an Island Paradise.” The first two articles were Buying Sea Shells on...
Santo Domingo skyline

Gaining Residency in the Dominican Republic

With this article, Wendy continues her four-part series about moving to and living in the Dominican Republic. Click here to...
Plaza de Espana, Sevilla

How Teaching English Abroad Helped Me Learn Spanish

For many, learning a language seems a sticky recital of vocabulary and dry verb conjugations. For even more, it’s simply...
Philippine cottages

Philippines: Bank Robbers and Hunter Girls in Puerto Galera

There are plenty of us out there. A transnational tribe of kindred spirits compelled to collect new memories, experience and...
View over Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic: How Did I End Up Here?

First, a little background. I am British and I have lived in the Dominican Republic for 12 years. I was...


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