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Second Passport

Why You Need a Second Passport

A second passport is essential in today's world. A second passport gives you options in life. It open doors around...

Medical Costs Around the World

As medical and insurance costs skyrocket under Obamacare, medical tourism is booming. Need a hip replaced? Americans pay, on average,...
Technology Sun Designs

High Tech in Colombia

The world and the media seem to be in a mental limbo about Colombia. Almost always they have to dredge up a terrible past before they can present anything positive. My simple advice is, get over it ! Colombia is an emerging country. Let´s look forward rather than backwards.
Money and You group at Tulum Ruins

Learning the Language Deepens Your Experience of the Moment

EscapeArtist is all about connecting our readers—wherever they may be—to the world. Through our various media outlets we share stories from...