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EscapeArtist International Ambassador Articles

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Emergency doctors

When Things Go Wrong: Healthcare Abroad in the EU

Advice on Unplanned Treatment Abroad When travelling to another EU country, be it on holiday, for business or to study, ...
Female student at university

Your Guide to Studying Abroad Within the EU

As an EU citizen, you are entitled to study at any EU university under the same conditions as nationals, although...
Bus in Paraguay

Travelling by Bus in Paraguay

After arriving in Asuncion and seeing the buses, I vowed never to step onto a crowded one. I was pretty...
Winter in Helsinki

Helsinki: Winter in the City

This is the first article in Kristian McCann’s four-part series, “Adventures to the East,” in which he describes each season of his...
Driving in Hanoi

The Ten Unholy Driving Commandments of Vietnam

Driving in Southeast Asia comes with the ever-present dangers of poor road surfaces and suicidal animals darting across the road....


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