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Global Online Summit 2015

EscapeArtist Global Online Summit of 2015

EscapeArtist's 2nd Annual Global Online Summit takes place beginning March 29th. It's 7 days of video interviews and presentations covering the latest in Asset Protection, International Investing, locations to consider for Moving Abroad and so much more. Our special Early Bird pricing is in effect, so this is the best time to register.
Green Arrow

Gringo – Green go ?

Not so long ago the Ecuador EscapeArtist Ambassador, Hector Quintana, made a comment to me about someone being ´´gringoed´´. I thought this was a rather curious remark ..
Panama Relocation Tour Group

Is a Relocation Tour a Good Option

When my husband and I were considering a move abroad, we spent years researching online and then 2 years visiting our chosen country of Panama multiple times before we took the leap. There was quite a bit of contradiction between what we’d read in some online newsletters and what we actually found to be reality. A few mistakes may have been avoided with proper guidance. At that time, I had never heard of a “Relocation Tour”.
Coastal Chile

Ten Reasons To Avoid Chile

In an effort to provide balance and not come across as though everything is perfect in Chile, we've come up with a list of reasons that Chile really might not be right for you. There's someplace for everyone. Yet, no one place is perfect for everyone. One of the challenges for us, as we considered the opportunities the world has to offer, was trying to narrow it down. At first, every country that anyone is willing to write about seems like the perfect destination for everyone. So it takes a good bit of reading, studying, shaking off some of the romanticism and digging deep to begin to be able to shorten the possibilities to a manageable list.
Technology Sun Designs

High Tech in Colombia

The world and the media seem to be in a mental limbo about Colombia. Almost always they have to dredge up a terrible past before they can present anything positive. My simple advice is, get over it ! Colombia is an emerging country. Let´s look forward rather than backwards.
Money and You group at Tulum Ruins

Learning the Language Deepens Your Experience of the Moment

EscapeArtist is all about connecting our readers—wherever they may be—to the world. Through our various media outlets we share stories from...
Emergency doctors

When Things Go Wrong: Healthcare Abroad in the EU

Advice on Unplanned Treatment Abroad When travelling to another EU country, be it on holiday, for business or to study, ...


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