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What You Should Know Before Buying a Property in Malaysia

What You Should Know Before Buying a Property in Malaysia

You must have heard people saying that if you are planning to buy a property, now is the right time. But with so many options available, how can you assure that you are investing in the right property? Let me make things simple for you by discussing ten things that should be considered while hunting for your dream property in Malaysia.



When I say landscaping, it means that the property that you are planning to buy should have a pleasant look and should give you the feeling that it is well kept. The surroundings and the neighborhood also matter a lot and should be given high priority. When you notice that a great amount of attention is being given to the landscaping, it shows that the local council is proactive in keeping a check on such things. In case of any issue, you can rest assured that the authorities will be on the ball.


Be Aware of Vacant Land Around You

It is important that you make yourself aware of any vacant land in the surroundings. Try and find out if any future construction will cause any hindrance to the view or access from your property. It is always better that you have done some research and investigation beforehand, so that you don’t have regrets once you have moved in.


Prefer a Guarded Community


Guarded communities are in great demand. Nowadays, people no longer want to deal with riff raff and want to keep them out. So, seeing this Desa ParkCity is a sight for sore eyes. The prices for some of its units have also gone up considerably – earlier it was RM450,000, and at the moment it is RM1.2 million. A few years back, people were more interested in buying bungalows or a house in the middle of the country. But seeing the present scenario, the demand for such properties has reduced considerably. Instead, people have started to prefer gated communities or condominiums.   


Neighboring Chinese Schools

If there is a Chinese school in the surroundings, it adds a significant value to the property. Even the non-Chinese community also prefers buying property here. More and more people want to stay close to these schools, not because they want to send their kids here, but also to gain a good support system among the parents.


Know About Your Neighbors

Having holistic information about the neighboring township is also considered a major point of emphasis when buying a property. People will prefer living in Cyberjaya, because it is in close proximity to Putrajaya. The quality of neighboring towns could have a great relevance to you if you’re looking to enjoy the best of both worlds. Maybe the draw is lower expenses in one town and higher income in the other.


Population Growth


It is imperative that you become familiar with the population trend of the area. At the end of the day, real estate is made especially for human consumption. So, if the area has more population, you have more chance of getting rewarding returns from your property investment. Another advantage of having bigger population is that the supply services like clinics, restaurants, and hypermarkets will also be better.


Have a Central Location

You must be aware that a centrally located property does have a higher demand. There has been a shift in the trend – now people want to buy a property that is adjacent to a mall, as more and more people prefer that type of convenience. People no longer want to stay in the cheap properties (in Bukit Bintang and Chow Kit) anymore. Especially the younger generations are looking for smaller units, normally for 1,000 sq ft. or studio sizes.


Infrastructure and Connectivity Provisions

More and more people are moving to the townships, such as Setia Alam. Thanks to nicely built highways, people can easily move in and out of the cities. People don’t want their residence to be too close to their office, or too far. People can live with the fact that their offices are slightly farther from their residence, so long as there is easy highway access.


Developer’s Standing

If you have plans to buy a property, then do some research on the developer’s track record and how he deals. Ensure that the developer has a good following as well.

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Ultimately, if you are looking to buy a dream property in Malaysia, keeping these tips in mind will help you make the smartest decision.

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