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8 Reasons to Retire in Malaysia

8 Reasons to Retire in Malaysia

If you’ve been searching for the perfect retirement haven to enjoy your Golden Years, then Malaysia might be your next home.  Malaysia is steadily becoming a popular retirement destination for English-speaking expats thanks to the ample lifestyle and warm climate, among other things.  If you’ve been considering Asia as your home away from home, then here are some more reasons why Malaysia could top your list.

  1. MM2H:  Also known as the Malaysia My Second Home program, this visa program offers applicants a 10 year renewable visa which includes your spouse and any dependents.  Other benefits include duty-free first time car and house purchases.
  2. Cost of Living:  In general, Malaysia is about half the price of most Western retirement areas.  Common household items are easy to find and items such as electronics have no import taxes, so you can buy them at very reasonable prices.  Also, under Malaysia’s MM2H retiree program, you can import one car into the country tax free if you don’t want to buy.
  3. Infrastructure:  You can count on a world class international airport with an equally modern capital city with all the amenities you could ask for.  Additionally, the roads in Malaysia are generally well-maintained and Internet access is becoming increasingly available in rural areas.
  4. Beautiful Setting:  Luckily, Malaysia has one of the lowest populations in Asia, so there is plenty of untouched natural landscape to explore, from islands to mountainous jungles to deserted beaches.  And you can toss out your sweaters because you’ll have warm year-around tropical weather.
  5. Stability:  Malaysia is known for its political and economic stability, which it maintains today.  Economic projections are looking good for the country and there is satisfaction with the current prime minister, who is implementing progressive reforms.
  6. Health and Safety:  Malaysia’s crime rate is generally lower than many other countries as is the healthcare cost.  You can expect first-class hospitals at any larger city.
  7. Entertainment:  Malaysia is an international host to all kinds of professional sports ranging from racing to golf.  On the not-so-pro level you can also find tennis courts, country clubs, and soccer fields in order to stay active.  In addition to sports, you can attend all kinds of festivals and theaters to keep yourself busy.
  8. Location:  Malaysia is centrally located with top notch airports making it the perfect jumping spot if you want to check out other parts of Asia, Europe, or the South Pacific.

What a great article! 8 Reasons to Retire in Malaysia. If you would like additional information on retiring or moving to Malaysia, please contact our office HERE.

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