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Is Nicaragua a Good Place to Retire?

When it comes to choosing a place to retire abroad, a few Latin American gems (think Mexico, Panama, and Ecuador) are gaining some well-deserved attention from the masses. Nicaragua is one of them too. Not only is it considered a great place to retire, it’s been consistently ranking within the top 10 places in the world to retire as of late. Here’s why…

Cost of Living
We say it all the time, and it’s just as true as ever: Nicaragua is the cheapest place you can retire in the Americas for the highest quality of life. You can have a quiet, laid-back beach lifestyle, or one full of adventure – and either way you choose to live it, the affordable prices will exceed your expectations.

According to this price sheet, updated for 2017 pricing in Nicaragua, a one-bedroom apartment in the city brings a rent of about $325 per month. A three-bedroom could cost you just under $500 per month. With those kinds of prices, you can certainly choose to live in a big beautiful home for much cheaper than you would expect. Similarly, most grocery items fall into the $1-$3 range.

The Food
For the foodies out there, Nicaragua is said to have the best food south of the border. Meals are usually less than $5, so you can get adventurous with it and try everything if you’d like. One favorite is the gallo pinto breakfast. It consists of eggs, rice and beans, cheese, plantains, and tortillas for only $2! That may not sound like an exciting meal, but you can’t knock it until you try it. While you’re at it, give the vigaron, nacatamal, and quesillo dishes a try as well.

The culture in Nicaragua brings a certain amount of charm that you can no longer find in some of the more popular retirement places like Costa Rica. It has been able to hold onto its traditions and, in cities like Granada, Nicaragua is even strict about keeping the colonial style of the homes and buildings intact. When retiring in Nicaragua (or visiting, if you haven’t chosen to move there yet), expect to see a vibrant mix of cultures reflected in the architecture. You’ll find that traditional English, Spanish, and Native American influences shine through. San Juan del Sur is the most popular expat community – it’s a small beachfront town, but you can even see these influences in the buildings there!

Aside from the traditional culture and beautiful architecture, there’s something to be said about the general friendliness of the people as well. They are welcoming to expats, so you should easily be able to meet plenty of new friends in your community. That’s not to mention the fact that there will likely be plenty of fellow expats around to help you along in your transition.

There are coastlines on both sides of the country, so the opportunities to swim, surf, and enjoy fresh seafood are limitless. You can hike through the rainforests, explore the cities, and even visit volcano sites and different unexplored islands in Nicaragua.

Some of these fun things to do, you might not be able to find in other countries. For example, you can volcano board down Central America’s youngest volcano! You can also see lava bubbling at Masaya, where you can peer into a volcano to see the lava pit. While you’re out exploring, check out a coffee farm just for fun. You can even kayak in Nicaragua’s mangroves. For those who are seeking it, there is no shortage of adventure in Nicaragua.

One great thing about retiring in Nicaragua is that it has everything that Costa Rica has in the way of rainforests and beaches, but it is mostly unspoiled. Because there is so little tourism in this country, the beaches are as pristine as ever. There are lots of unexplored islands and also lots of volcanoes and rainforests – all of which make this country stand out in its beauty. To make it even better, the climate in Nicaragua offers temperatures of roughly 75 degrees all year round.  You can expect frequent sunshine and ocean breezes, creating the perfect environment in which to relax.

Consider Nicaragua when researching the different countries you can choose to retire abroad to. In addition to all of these great perks, the healthcare in Nicaragua will meet your standards, as there are affordable and international hospitals available in the cities. This country really is an ideal choice for the perfect retirement lifestyle.




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