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Getting Residency In Belize

It is great if you want a beach lifestyle on Ambergris Caye

Belize Has One of the Best Residency Programs

In this post, we’ll be focused on how to get residency in Belize. In our opinion, the best second residency programs are Belize and Panama. If you want a laid back beach vibe, then you should consider residency in Belize. If you want big city life or to operate a business abroad with a number of employees, consider Panama City.

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When it comes to residency and a second passport from a foreign jurisdiction, every person has a different opinion of what they want from their new home.

For this reason, there is no preferred choice for American retirees, expats, and investors. Depending on your situation there are certain countries that will be perfect for you, and others that just won’t make the cut.  Residency in Belize is great if you want a beach lifestyle on Ambergris Caye… not so great if you want to be in a happening metropolis like Mexico City.

To clarify, for this article residency in Belize means Ambergris Caye or another beach community.

The main goal of articles such as this is helping Americans choose what will be the best new place to call home. Of course, you can’t make a final choice from an internet post, but you can nail down your options. Then you spend a few weeks or months in your top choices.

The country that we are going to talk about today may not be a popular choice or the first thing that comes to mind when you think about moving to a new country, but it is a fantastic choice that is cheap and close to home.

Belize is a Caribbean country at the Southern tip of Mexico that has a lot to offer any new resident. What’s also great about Belize is that it has a lot of untapped potentials as many different sectors have not been explored as they should.

Gorgeous landscapes and beautiful virgin beaches are the main selling point here, but the tax incentives are also what attracts many Americans and foreign investors. Here is how to get a residency in Belize.

If you wish to obtain a permanent residency in Belize or to get residency in Belize, via a work offer you must be approved by the department of labour in Belize. The documents that you must show include: 3 passport sized pictures, active passport, job offer, salary, background check, education and resume that proves you can do the aforementioned job, and any other relevant document that might help with your application.

One of the many reasons a permanent residency in Belize is so attractive to many Americans is that you work in the country without the hassle of having to obtain a permanent residency.

The easy way to get a permanent residency is to live in Belize for a period of 50 consecutive weeks. This sounds like a lot, but there is a small loophole that Americans are using. You must enter the country on a tourist visa and then renew your visa every 30 days until you have reached the 50 consecutive weeks requirement.

Another type of residency in Belize that you can obtain that is very popular with Americans is the retirement visa. Any American citizen who is older than 45 years of age qualifies to apply for this type of visa.

The great type of this visa is that you include your dependents, as long as they are under 23 years of age. The retiree must prove that they make at least $2,000 dollars a month, which is more than enough to live in Belize.

Immigration laws in Belize are extremely relaxed, they want people to become residents so the process is for the most part obstacle-free. Because the government has removed most of the barriers and red tape, residency in Belize is very popular with Americans.

It is as simple as having lived in Belize for a year or 50 consecutive weeks to begin the application process for a residency. The whole process can take up to a year to be reviewed and accepted.

The whole cost of this program is close to a thousand dollars, much cheaper than any other residency program. As I mentioned earlier the government of Belize wants you to live in their country.

Once you become a permanent residency of Belize you can apply for citizenship just as easily. Citizenship in Belize is available for those permanent residents who maintain their status for a period of five years.

When you become a citizen of Belize you are free to enter and exit the country that you desire you can even live in the United States or in any other country around the world while still maintaining a passport from Belize.

After you gain residency in Belize and then convert this residency permit into citizenship, you can apply for a second passport. As of 1 January 2018, Belizean citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 96 countries and territories, ranking the Belizean passport 54th in terms of travel freedom. This is an excellent second passport for Americans looking for an escape hatch or backup travel document.

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