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Getting Residency In Argentina

Getting Residency In Argentina

The world is a massive and eclectic place filled with millions of cities each with their own culture, dialect, food, weather, etc. Thanks to technology, we are no longer confined to live and work in the place we were born. We are free to go where we are treated best. So long as we have a portable business, we’re free to chose our home base and which tax laws we will live under.

2018’s politics aside, the United States has a decent and amicable relationship with more than 200 countries globally and they welcome any American citizen who wishes to call a foreign country their home, of course there are certain exceptions. These countries are happy to give you a better tax and business climate in exchange for you moving yourself and your business within their borders.

As an American you can become a resident of 90% of the countries around the world, but its not as easy as just walking into the country and buying a passport at the local supermarket. Every foreign jurisdiction has its own set of rules on how you can legally become a resident of their country.

In the last article, I discussed the many options that an American can choose to get residency in the caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda {LINK}. For this article I am going to write about the South American powerhouse, Argentina.

Argentina boasts gorgeous landscapes all over and a different way of life depending on what part of the country you live in. The city of Buenos Aires is one of the most modern and business oriented places in South America and any American will be happy to call it their home. Let’s begin to discuss how you can get residency in Argentina.

It is important to know before going to live in Argentina that dealing with the government in these matters can take some time. Several Americans have complained about the length of the process as it is longer and much more paperwork heavy than other jurisdictions.

This is all a nice way to say that dealing with government agencies and applying for residency in Argentina is a huge pain in the ass. Unlike most Caribbean countries, and countries such as Panama, Argentina has not reduced the amount of red tape associated with applying for residency.

The estimated time  for the completion of a temporary residency permit can be up to a year. A lot longer than many other countries. You have to know that the countries that have a short period of residency review are desperate for foreign investment, Argentina “welcomes” investors from all over the world just under their rules and at their pace.

Some of the documents that you will have to provide to begin the application depending on your case include:

  • Identity Document
  • Birth Certificate
  • Clean Criminal Record (from the FBI if you’re a US citizen)
  • Stamp of Approval given by the Government of Argentina
  • Proof of Domicile
  • Application Fee
  • Color Picture

These documents will be required if you wish to become a resident of Argentina through marriage. If you get a job in Argentina you will have to include the job offer, company letter, salary, and any other relevant documents.

Once you become a resident, the path to becoming a citizen of Argentina is relatively easy. The benefit of being a citizen over a resident is that you don’t have to continue renewing your visa and you can obtain a second passport as a citizen. Also, the government of Argentina recognizes dual citizenship but you will be considered a citizen of Argentina when you are inside the country.

The requirements to become a citizen of Argentina include:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Live in Argentina continuously for at least 2 years
  • Submit your citizen application in front of a Federal Judge
  • Proof of Legal Residency
  • Proof of knowledge and understanding of the spanish language
  • Clean criminal record from Argentina and the United States

If everything goes well and you become a resident or citizen of Argentina then it is easy to give your family members the same nationality that you have. You will need a marriage certificate and proof that you can maintain your children.

I have discussed the normal and traditional ways to get residency in Argentina, but there are other ways that are much less conventional and can be faster. Buying property in Argentina and starting or investing in a business in Argentina are the most popular options.

The way that you can become a resident of Argentina through a purchase of property is if you buy land or a house in Argentina using a corporation that you created in the country. You will have to then offer yourself a job.

Sounds complicated, but in reality it is much simpler than you think. You create a holdings company in Argentina worth $200,000 dollars, you use that money to buy a house, you offer yourself a job and voila.

Investing in Argentina is the easiest way to become a resident of the country. Yes, there are certain requirements that must be met and also requires a decent number of paperwork but it is not impossible and should definitely be looked at.

The first step is investing $85,000 dollars in any industry related to Argentinian goods. Second, you have to create a business plan detailing where and how you will invest the capital. The investment needs to be approved by the Central Bank of Argentina. Once you are approved, you obtain a temporary residency visa in Argentina.

I describe the basics of how to become a resident or citizen of Argentina in this article, but it is actually much harder than it looks. You will definitely need a local expert to guide you through the process.

I hope you’ve found this article on how to get residency in Argentina to be helpful. For more information, or for assistance with any second passport program, please contact us HERE. Thank you. I’ve also included some additional reading material for you! Enjoy!

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