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Germany’s Investment Visa Program

Germany’s Investment Visa Program

There are two factors that make a German Visa a strong acquisition for foreign investors. The first one is its ranking in the passport index. Germany has the second strongest passport in the world, just behind Japan.

With a German Passport, you can travel visa-free to 165 countries, making it extremely valuable for travelers and businessmen alike. The second factor that makes living in Germany so desirable is its ranking as one of the most human developed countries in the world.

Germany is the fifth-highest country, ranking as having a very high human development. Human development is a very desirable trait for foreign investors. This means to them that the social aspect of investing in a foreign land is cleared.

The advancements that Germany have made in the fields of engineering and renewable energy are outstanding. The country has become a haven for innovation, and it is all thanks to foreign investment.

Investing in Germany is popular right now and I believe that this trend will continue for a long period of time. One major factor contributing to this is that a certain type of investment into Germany can guarantee you a visa.

Germany’s Investment Visa Program is just one of many offered by European countries hoping to incentivize foreign investment. Germany’s program might not be the cheapest there is, but it is one of the easiest to obtain if you have the capital.

The first type of visa given to investors is the residency program. To be considered for this visa you first have to open a company in Germany or acquire an existing one. A residence permit is given if you fulfill the requirements.

In order for your investment to be considered, you must make an investment of 300,000 or 350,000 Euros. In some cases, not that common, buying a property in Germany can qualify you for the residence permit visa.

If all of this goes well you get a visa for 3 years, your investment needs to continue producing a return or be in good standing for your visa to continue being valid. After the 3 years, your visa can turn into a permanent residency and eventual citizenship.

As opposed to the Golden Visas offered by Portugal and Bulgaria in which the investor is not required to have strong ties in the country, this is the opposite in Germany. The Investor needs to create ties in the country and be in good standing with the government. Constant travel into Germany is required.

Another great option to obtain a visa by investing in Germany is the government-sponsored investment visa program. The most important aspect of this program is that the investor has the money to back up the investment.

An investment of at least One Million Euros is required to apply for this visa. If your investment is being done by creating a new business in the country then your business must create at least 10 new jobs.

Besides having the finances necessary to backup your investment, the applicant must also provide a well-drafted business plan detailing every detail about your investment and how it is going to impact the German economy.


A strong solid background in the subject that is being an investment is also necessary for the German authorities to consider your application. Introducing a new business venture or a new technology-based product will approve your investment fast.

Documents that you also have to include in your application along with the business plan and proof of financial well being include:

  • Complete application form
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of Health insurance
  • Articles of Incorporation for the business
  • Copy of your degree, education certificate
  • References
  • CV
  • Any other applicable document that might help your case

Many investment visa programs just step away when you make an investment, but not Germany. You must pay close attention to German laws if you wish for your investment visa to continue being active. Learning the German language and about German history is necessary if you wish to eventually become a citizen of the country. Getting approved for a German Investment Visa is not easy, but we will happily help you in the process.

I hope you’ve found this article on Germany’s investment visa programs to be helpful. For more information, or for assistance with any second passport program, please contact us HERE

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