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Foreigners Can Own Real Estate in Costa Rica

Foreigners Can Own Real Estate in Costa Rica

Did you know that foreigners living in Costa Rica have the same real estate rights as citizens? And that titled properties are listed in a national registry or Registro Nacional? This is excellent news for anyone considering relocating to and buying property in Costa Rica.

The simple fact that there even exists a national registry to search for liens and encumbrances on titled property puts Costa Rica decades ahead of other countries in this region. Some nations require you to spend months hunting down property owners, hundreds greasing the paperwork wheels, and even then, you won’t be guaranteed to have a clear title. It will always be possible that someone could show up with a paper that is older than the oldest one you found. Costa Rica won’t do this to you.

That isn’t to say there won’t be red tape to cut up along the way to becoming a real estate owner in Costa Rica. There is paperwork to be done everywhere; this is a normal part of the real estate process. It helps to have a true professional working on your side from the very beginning of your Costa Rican real estate search.

Having someone to help you navigate the red tape can make purchasing offshore Costa Rica real estate a simple and smooth transaction. We can take you from purchasing a lot all the way to building your dream home.  We can also help you with the smaller steps in the process such as acquiring a cell phone, opening a bank account, and learning how to navigate the city streets. And the bigger steps, like applying for citizenship, we can help you get that process started too.

There is a lot to think about and plan for when you decide to move abroad. Tell us, what are your biggest worries about moving to another country? In what parts of the process do you think you will need the most help?  We are here to assist the whole way through.

I hope you enjoyed reading: Foreigners Can Own Real Estate in Costa Rica. If you are interested in Costa Rica, please reach out to our office HERE. I would also like to offer you our FREE Country Guide.  There is just a ton of material here that you will love.  I’m also including a few articles on Costa Rica that will help in your decision of whether to go there on vacation. Enjoy!

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