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Digital Nomad’s Guide to Costa Rica

What is a digital nomad looking for? Well, basically, they seek a positive working environment where they can raise their productivity as well as enjoy the experience. They want the freedom of working and relaxing at the same time no matter where they are. And one of the major incentives of becoming a digital nomad is to have the freedom of traveling within their country or go abroad. Thus, it is no surprise to see some locations and spots becoming a hot favorite with the digital nomads. Costa Rica is quickly becoming a popular choice.


Costa Rica – A Top Choice Among Digital Nomads

Costa Rica is just the ideal location for any digital nomad. He or she can aim for that idyllic lifestyle with no stress and work in a carefree environment. One can certainly browse the Costa Rica luxury homes, especially during the off-season to look for some great deals.

What adds to the fun is the wonderful year-round climate and plenty to do and see, plus the amazing food options. Thus, it is no wonder that Costa Rica is turning out to be one of the best destinations for digital nomads. After all, it is hard for the digital nomads to resist those miles and miles of scenic land, never-ending stretches of perfect beaches, and many national parks. One can work here in peace and enjoy an exotic lifestyle away from the stress and fast-paced lifestyle of other countries.


Cost of Living

The aim of a digital nomad is to make enough money to sustain himself when living abroad.  Costa Rica is fairly popular not just among tourists, but also expats. It may not be as cheap as other countries in the region, but many factors still lure the digital nomads. One may need at least $2,500 a month or more to live comfortably in Costa Rica. Most digital nomads stay for a couple of months and then move towards the much cheaper neighbors in Central America.


Fast Internet and Technology

Apart from getting a comfortable working atmosphere, digital nomads looking for fast internet speed and latest technology. One has to find the right balance as the best internet services can be had in the major towns, but the costs of living can go higher here. So, a lot relies on what you are looking for and what is your standard of living and if you can survive on a tight budget. But of course, as a digital nomad, one would need speedier internet services to work online. Costa Rica offers an average Internet speed of 3.8 Mbps, and there are very few spots where one can get 10 Mbps and above.


Digital Nomad Hubs in Costa Rica

Depending on the style of living standards, expectations, and needs, one can live just about anywhere in Costa Rica.  However, there are favorite towns among digital nomads here, and these include names like Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Playa Jaco, Playas del Coco, Playa Tamarindo, San Jose, Grecia, Manuel Antonio, and Samara. Each of these cities and towns carries their pros and cons but ar every popular among the digital nomads. For example, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca lures them because of the beautiful beaches, wildlife, and small expat community. Playa Jaco in the Central Pacific offers lively nightlife and great surfing options. Playas del Coco in Guanacaste is easy to get around without a car and offers a wide range of housing options. San Jose is popular because of the excellent weather, fast Internet options and a great variety of food. Never the less, each of those towns is popular because of many opportunities for digital nomads and get work exchange. It is easier to move around and meet locals and the expat community and here’s a suggested itinerary for Costa Rica.


When to Go and Where to Stay

December to April is the best time to visit Costa Rica when there is plenty of sunshine, and the weather is perfect. However, as it is a touristic season, one can expect the costs to go higher. One can work during the weekdays and save the weekends to explore the touristy areas and the public beaches. The tiny country boasts of geographic diversity, and one can take advantage of the public coach buses for inexpensive travel. Accommodations can be expensive, but there are hotels and rooms where the digital nomads can get value for money. There are many quaint little places that you can make your home, and most of them are easy on rentals.


Great People,  Good Food, and Other Digital Nomads

Costa Rica carries its own charm and is known for its warm and friendly people who are forever ready to shower you with endless hospitality. Just mingle with the locals and soak in their culture. When it comes to food, Costa Rica boasts of sprawling local markets filled with fresh local produce. You can enjoy a healthy and complete meal with rice, plantains, beans, salad, and vegetables. As many digital nomads are heading for Costa Rica, you get ample opportunity to interact with them working on the same goal. Share your experiences and look for better opportunities surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere and picturesque scenic locations.

As Costa Rica is well connected to the world with multiple flights, one can reach or leave the country with ease. Go ahead and enjoy your favorite work retreat in Costa Rica that is perfect for digital nomads!

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