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6 Steps to Buying Property in Spain

6 Steps to Buying Property in Spain

Are you considering buying a property in Spain? Whether you are thinking of relocating your family for work, retiring to a place in the sun, or investing in a holiday home abroad, thousands of Brits choose to buy property in Spain every year. But no matter why you are choosing to make the purchase, there are a number of steps that you should follow in order to get closer to owning your dream property in Spain.

From the early stages of deciding where you are going to buy, to going through the complex legal process of buying and owning a home abroad, here are six steps you can follow to buy your home in Spain.


Step One – Research!

The first step is undoubtedly to do your research. Moving to a property in Spain might have always been your dream and you might have visited the country many times, but that doesn’t mean that you know what it is like to live there. Ultimately, you need to look into the real details of the area and the day-to-day living.

What are the schools like? How is the public transport to the key parts of town? Is the area nice outside of the main tourist parts that you have visited in the past? It is often best to talk with people who live there at the moment and get information directly from them. Don’t simply assume that because you visited a lovely hotel in a city and enjoyed the attractions that you would love living there.


Step Two – Organize Your Finances

Now you need to get your finances in the right place to buy a property in Spain. As with any property purchase, you need to account for much more than just paying for the home itself. Consider things such as legal fees, estate agent commission, surveys, and any future building work that you will need to do on the property – not to mention the cost of relocating.

This means that you need to budget accordingly and be completely realistic with the amount you have to spend, remembering that this amount is probably lower than if you were buying a property in the UK.


Step Three – Visit the Area

This cannot be stated strongly enough – you must visit an area before you consider buying there. This is the next stage in the research process, because without actually seeing an area and understanding what it is like to be there, you can’t be sure that it will be right for you. Whether you are going to be living there with your family or simply holidaying there occasionally and letting it out for the rest of the year, a good understanding of the location is vital.


Step Four – Choose the Right Solicitor

When you are serious about buying a property in Spain, it is important that you should work with a solicitor in Spain. Spanish property transactions are very different from those in the UK, so even if you have a solicitor at home that you have used many times in the past, it is important that you should choose a lawyer from Spain with experience in working in this area. 

Naturally, it is also important that your lawyer should be bilingual, especially if you do not speak and read Spanish fluently. During a trip to Spain, establish contact with a local lawyer so that you can have a face-to-face meeting, and ultimately choose a solicitor you feel comfortable with.  


Step Five – Work With an Estate Agent

Just like in the UK, there are many different estate agents that you can work with, and typically it is best to choose one to work with that you feel you can trust and are working in your interest. Consider whether the estate agent has worked with British expats in the past and whether they have English-speaking staff to keep you informed throughout the whole of the buying process.


Step Six – View Any Properties You are Interested in

Finally, remember that you should not buy any property without having actually visited it first. Obviously, it can be very expensive to arrange flights to go back and forth to see multiple properties, so you should line up a number of different viewings first. If you really can’t get over to Spain, you could look into an option where someone you know who lives there could visit on your behalf.


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