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Why Paraguay

Why Paraguay

Paraguay begins to show itself to the world differently. A country that for decades maintained a very low profile internationally comes out with unique features as a treasure to be discovered.

The numbers speak for themselves: it is the largest electricity exporter in the world, it has the largest demographic bonus in the region 70% of the population is under 30 years old and has over a decade of growth with an average of 5% per year, with an inflation rate of 1 digit and higher international reserves to external debt levels.

It is positioned as one of the fastest-growing emerging economic and social countries of the continent in recent years. It is an Agro and Cattle country par excellence, has produced stunning increases in GDP due to rising international prices of commodities and high global demand for food. In 2010 achieved a 15% growth as the third fastest-growing country in the world and projections for this year 2013 economic growth estimate of 13% being the largest economic growth for a country in the region and the world, with an expansion of its Gross Domestic Product of $ 25 billion to nearly $ 33 billion, which means a unique opportunity to attract investment in various sectors.

Paraguay has the strongest fiscal and monetary stability in Latin America, without sharp devaluations experiences, expropriation and / or freezing of savings. It is also the country with the lowest tax burden in the region and one of the lowest in the world with a very simple tax scheme applied equally to residents and nonresidents.




1.   Plenty of natural resources.

2.   Abundant Electric Power, clean and renewable.

3.   Population structure: largely young and open to training.

4.   Macroeconomic Stability.

5.   Fiscal policy with the lowest tax burden in the region.

6.   Benefits and incentives for foreign investment and domestic capital.

7.   Fourth soybean exporter and eighth-largest exporter of beef of the world.

8.    Strategic geographic location with low risk of natural disasters.

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9.   Center of the Paraguay-Parana Hidrovia.

10. High levels of quality of life and safety.

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