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What To Do In Dubai

What To Do In Dubai

Once you arrive in Dubai and get settled in your hotel you’ll probably want to go out and explore the city.


Transportation In Dubai

Public transport is the cheapest means of travelling to Dubai. An extensive web of public buses is operated in Dubai as well as metro rail and taxi services.

Taxis are metered according to distance travelled and there are different types of taxis for women, families, and disabled persons. Taxi drivers may round the fare up to avoid making change, but you don’t have to pay the additional amount, as you only have to pay the amount shown on the meter and tipping is also optional.

The Dubai Metro rail system is fully automated and works without a driver, mostly underground to avoid traffic jams in the city.

While taking public transportation please be aware of the following: Eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking, and littering are all prohibited. You are not allowed to carry alcohol or ride while intoxicated and animals are not allowed on public transportation unless they are service dogs accompanying passengers with special needs.


Shopping In Dubai

If you like shopping Dubai is the place to visit, as it is ranked the second world’s most popular destination for shopping after the United States and ahead of popular shopping destinations like Singapore, France, UK, and Hong Kong among others. With a long history as a trading hub, today Dubai is synonymous with shopping. From souk to shopping mall, Dubai has it all – duty-free, gold, electronics, textiles, cars – and is a true shopper’s paradise.

If you choose a modern mall like the Mall of the Emirates, they have:

  • Exclusive designer stores
  • Shoe and accessory stores
  • Cosmetics stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Megastores
  • Bookshops
  • Cinemas and a theatre
  • Art galleries
  • Ski Dubai
  • Restaurants, including Emporio Armani Caffe and Almaz by Momo
  • Bars and a hotel
  • Old fashioned soups where the local people shop for everyday things

You will always find great deals and will enjoy the experience.

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Local And International Events

Dubai has established itself as a major destination for an eclectic array of local and international events and earned its reputation as the sporting capital of the Middle East. Throughout the year, Dubai hosts a range of popular annual sporting activities, dazzling entertainment attractions, as well as conferences and exhibitions.

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Beaches In Dubai

If you want to enjoy the beaches you won’t have a problem finding one of your liking in Dubai. Many hotels are located on the Jumeirah stretch and have their own beach access. These beaches usually offer a host of facilities including water sports, cabanas and shaded areas, and barbeque pits among others. The public beaches are free and have very limited facilities. Tourists are allowed to wear bikinis at the hotel pools and beaches as long as they wear both the top and bottom halves, but they should cover up when going into the city.

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Regulations for the public beaches seem to be getting stricter. Dogs are banned from the beaches, and so are driving. Officially, other banned beach activities include barbecues, camping without a permit, and holding large parties.


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